Friday, October 30, 2009

Selena Sells her Knitwear

Selena grew up on a farm and each spring she had pet lambs to bottle feed. The lambs have grown into sheep now but they still remember Selena when she visits the farm.

Her parents have gone overseas for a few years and the farm has now been divided up between her three brothers and they live on their separate part of the farm independent from each other but help each other whenever necessary. None of the brothers wanted to be farmers so there is only a few animals on the land now. Selena works in the city as a secretary and visits her brothers on the farm most weekends. Her dream is to open a Wool and Craft Shop at Kowhai Corner but her brothers don’t want people to start coming into this area.

Selena learnt to spin wool and knit as a young girl and she still loves to do both.

Selena and her brothers have agreed that she try and sell her knitwear once a month on Fridays at Kowhai Corner Hall. Selena has asked Pat to be her assistant and together they set up the hall with Selena’s knitted items. Selena has knitted blankets, Hitty shawls, cardigans, jerseys, rabbit clothing and her specialty… rabbit cushions.

Selena isd wearing a new knitted herself a dress for the occasion. It is not long before the Hitty girls arrive and they like the shawls and buy everyone!

     The Hitty girls leave, talking to each other exclaiming that they will be back next time. When all is quiet... some rabbits hop into the hall, most are undressed! (They are from Kowhai Corner Bunnyborough - a safe place for rabbits at the back of Kowhai Tree Farm.)

The rabbits find the clothing that will fit them and want to try it on. Selena gives permission for them to try the selected clothing on. Suddenly, a scream is heard.


Oh! No! It's Mrs Lemon.  Mrs Lemon and Mr Know both holding and pulling the red rabbit cushion. They both want to buy it!  Pat steps forward to help sort the problem out. Mrs Lemon reluctantly lets it go and lets Mr Know buy it. Pat whispers to Mrs Lemon that she can choose one of the other rabbit cushions and she will give her 25% discount off the price.

The undressed rabbits are wearing the cothes they have chosen and they buy them. The rabbits are very happy and they all hop back to Kowhai Corner Bunnyborough.   Selena and Pat agree that today has been a successful and eventful day.    They smile as they pack up and look forward to their next trading day.

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