Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pipi the Model

The Hitty girls have gathered together at the Kowhai Corner Hall for the March Helping Hands meeting.

The meeting starts with Pat handing over the hand sign to Yasmine because Yasmine is going to be the new leader of the group.

Yasmine announces the guest speaker for this months meeting is Pipi who is a model. Pipi talks about her modeling in France and about how she trained to be a model. A models life is not all glamour. Pipi gives the girls some advice if they want to become models.  
Pipi can see the Hitty girls are quiet short. Pipi tells the girls that to be a model you need to be over 25cm tall! Pipi is 30cm tall.

Pipi tells the girls to practice walking with a book or two on their head so that they will walk with a straight back. Pipi lays a long ribbon on the floor and asks the girls to walk on the ribbon by putting one foot in front of the other as they walk along the ribbon.

Lollipop girl Pipi from France is one of six Lollipop fashion dolls issued in 2002, 1st Edition by Jan Mclean from New Zealand. Pipi wore a black vynal mini skirt and black and white stripped, above the knees, socks (which matched her top) and black high heel shoes.   She held a lollipop in her hand.