Thursday, February 17, 2011

Summer Concert 2011

Summer Concert 2011

The Hitty girls have organized a concert to be held at the Kowhai Corner Hall. It will be free for residents and visitors. Afternoon tea will be provided after the entertainment.

The Shore Family are the first visitors to arrive.   Pat  goes and welcomes them.

Mr and Mrs Shore senior have also arrived and have brought along some people with disabilities. Mr and Mrs Shore have people with disabilities stay at their house for short terms for a variety of reasons.   April and Yasmine help them out of their van and shows them where they can sit.

Ethel, Jill, Edna and Serene are in the back room changing into their costumes. They are going to do the first act. Who are they going to represent?

Teletubbies! The children in the audience enjoy their performance of dancing and singing.

The next act is by Holly. Holly is wearing her kimono that she brought with her when she moved to Kowhai Corner to live. Two Hitty girls  have put up the backdrop for her and Holly sings two Japanese songs.

Thelma is outside at the back of the hall talking to seven rabbits.   I hope she has remembered that she is performing next and needs to get changed  soon to be ready.

Thelma is ready on time and walks out dressed as Snow  White she is followed by seven dwarfs who circle her and sing, "Hi Ho, Hi Ho it's off to work to go."   Who are dressed as the seven dwarfs?

Tricia introduces the last act which is a Zulu family who are going to talk about their life in Africa.   Tricia reminds everyone that afternoon tea will be served next and all are welcome to stay and share in a time of fellowship.

Hannah and Luke bring out the afternoon tea which they have cooked and serve it to all.   What a great way to start the new year.