Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Visit to the Zoo - part 2

The girls walk out the Zoo Cafe towards the Australian animal's area.

They have to past the hippo's enclosure first. Some of the girls stop to watch the hippos playing in the water. They point at the cute baby one who is watching his parents play.

The echidna is a spine-covered monotreme mammal of Australia and New Guinea with a long snout and claws. This one is shuffling about in his enclosure, probably looking for ants to eat.

Yasmin is enjoying looking at the kangaroos because  they are her favourite animal.   When she arrived to live at Kowhai Corner she bought her toy kangaroo with her.

The snake is awake and hisses at the girls.   The girls don't stay long as the snake looks hungry.   They go to the koala area.

The koala, or koala bear, is a slow moving Australian arborel marsupial with dense greyish fur and feeds on eucalyptus leaves.   The girls are allowed to hold a koala and can have their photo taken.    Edna and Annabelle requested a photo be taken of them holding a koala.  Yasmin was holding a koala but it climbed out of her arms before the photo could be taken.

The Tasmanian devil is a small ferocious carnivorous marsupial of Tasmania.

Serene, Tricia and Alana  go into the big shed which  houses the noctural animals.   It is dark inside. After their eyes adjust to the dark they see a cream opossum sitting on a tree stump.

Further along they see a bilby, an endangered animal, on a tree. They hear a noise in the water and see a duck-billed platypus which is an amphibious egg laying mammal of East Australia. It has dense fur, a broad bill, webbed feet and a tail.

The girls meet at the zoo exit to go home. The black cockatoo starts talking and says "Gidday mate." The Hitty girls go over to talk to him for awhile before they wave goodbye and leave the zoo. Yasmin is looking forward to going home to give her toy kangaroo a cuddle and to tell it she has now seen real kangaroos. She knows that it won't jump out of her arms. This has been an enjoyable day for the Hitty girls.