Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hitty Photo Album 1

Introducing the Hitty Girls

I like the beauty of wood and I like dolls and thought I would like to try and carve a wooden doll, but  in reality  I don’t have enough time to learn carving. In 2005 I ordered three Raikes Hitty dolls.  I already had three dollshouse size wooden dolls, Jill,  a smaller one named  Ethel and Peggy made from pegs and four bigger wooden dolls which are approx 29cm. They are all were made in New Zealand.

Ethel is on top bunk and Jill on lower bunk.   The bunk was made for my Hitty dolls. 

Serene is sitting on the mat, she has DRC Hitty Kin 11 No 46, 2005 painted in black on her bottom. The cradle was made in New Zealand  of rimu  in 2006.  
Thelma is in the cradle she has DRC Hitty-kin 343 2005 painted on her bottom. Both Hittys were made by DeAnn R. Cote of USA, in resin. They both arrived undressed and with a pattern for their underwear.

Left is Pat who was carved by Pat Thompson of USA in 2006 who was a wooden Hitty swap for a cloth Hitty. Yasmin is a cloth Sue Sizemore pattern made in 2006 by Yasmin Rauch of USA. Yasmin was a cloth Hitty swap, she is beautifully made. 

Alana with her bronze cycling medal 1984. A Robert Raikes kit set which included a piece of material for a dress and a pattern.

Annabelle, What shall I wear today? Annabelle is a Robert Raikes kit set and had this name.

Abigail who I painted in 2006.One-of-a-kind Hitty by Robert Raikes kit set.She was unpainted and I painted her. No identification is on these dolls which were brought in 2005 but arrived in 2006.

A Hitty chair swap in 2008 from Linda in USA.

Hitty E was made by Melanie Smith and has Melz Dolz E/2006 painted on her bottom.She came undressed with a pattern for her clothing. I have named her Edna.

A Robert Raikes doll and has this name written in black on her back. Rachel is of darker wood (like Annabelle).I brought her undressed in 2009.

Tricia is a Robert Raikes doll but has no identification on her and I brought her fully dressed in 2009.

 Joey is a Robert Raikes and has Joey 46 above 100 in brown on his back.I brought him in 2009 dressed in these clothes.

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