Sunday, January 31, 2016

Brian and Emma at the Zoo - Part 2

Brian and Emma pack up the picnic things and take them to the zoo office where they can be left and be picked up when you go home.

 Together hand in hand they go to the bob cat (also known as a lynx) enclosure. This animal is a feline mammal of Europe and North America, with grey-brown mottled fur, tufted ears and a short tail. They are pleased the bob cat is awake and walking around.

In the next enclosure they look at the Yak, which is an ox of Tibet with long shaggy hair, and the sow and piglet wart hogs. The wart hog is a wild pig from south and east Africa. They have heavy tusks, wart –like protuberances on their face and a mane of coarse hair.

The zebra and impala watch as the baby giraffe walks over to Brian and Emma. Brian has a vitamin tablet to give to the baby giraffe. The mother giraffe is more interested in trying to eat the leaves of the tree.

 The baby giraffe can smell the tablet and comes right to Brian’s hand and takes the tablet.

The next enclosure is the polar bear. Brian is pleased to see the enclosure has snow and is clean.

The Polar bear raises itself on its hind legs and looks back at the seals that have come out of the water and are splashing about on the rocks.

Brian and Emma have enjoyed the day at the zoo. Brian takes Emma home on the back of his motorbike.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Brian and Emma at the Zoo

Brian is the Vet that checks the animals at Kowhai Tree Farm. Today he is  visiting the zoo  because he has been asked to check on some of the animals.

Brian has arranged to meet his girlfriend; Emma at 1 pm at the zoo picnic area. Emma has arrived earlier so she can see all the animals. Her favourite animals are the elephants so she goes to their enclosure first.The young male raises his trunk to greet  Emma and the other elephants follow.

Emma goes to the other part of the enclosure to look at the other elephant.

The rhino is the next animal she sees. It has two  horns so it must be an African White rhinoceros.

A cheetah races past Emma to its handler.

The water buffalo is not concerned about the cheetah. He feels safe by Emma.

The impala is an antelope of southern and eastern Africa, having lyre-shaped horns and is able to move with enormous leaps.

Emma sits down in the tortoise’s enclosure and one ambles over to see if she has any food. Thinking about food Emma looks at the time and it is ten minutes to one. Emma gets up and walks to the picnic area at the Zoo where Brian said he will meet her for lunch.

Meanwhile at the picnic area Brian has laid down the blanket and is sorting out the food when he hears Emma call out “Hi Brian.”

Brian is pleased Emma has arrived on time and greets her with a cuddle and kiss.

Brian has brought a pizza, bowl of fruit and a bottle of lemonade to share with Emma. Emma shares some food with the fantail, rabbit and two hedgehogs that are waiting for some food.

There will be part two to this story.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Joey and Todd Visit an Australian Wildlife Park

Joey and Todd are at an Australian Wildlife Park. They both want to see the Tasmanian devil, which is a small ferocious carnivorous marsupial from Tasmania.

They walk to the echidna enclosure and they are allowed in to have, a hands on encounter if they want to.  An echidna is a spine-covered monotreme mammal of Australia with a long snout and claws. It can also be called the spiny anteater.

The Koala bears are next.They eat eucalyptus leaves. It looks like they have eaten all the leaves in their enclosure. The zoo helper will change them into another enclosure later today.


The crocodiles are waiting to be fed.

Joey has his arms too far over. The zoo helper will not be pleased if he sees Joey reaching over so close.

Well one of the Zoo keepers comes has observed Joey reaching over and asks him to move back. The zoo keeper informs the boys that the crocodiles are due to be fed. I few minutes later another zoo keeper arrives with a bucket of fish for the crocodiles. The boys enjoy watching the crocodiles have their meal.

They walk to the wombat’s enclosure next. The wombats are awake and shuffling around looking for some food. They are due to be fed.

The Kangaroos are upright and jumping around.  Joey and Todd would love to enter the enclosure to be able to pat them.

The next area is where the birds hang out. If you stand still or sit still the Australian native birds will fly down and they can be petted.

The boys are informed before they leave the Australian Wildlife Park that renovations are planned and to come back and visit in a few months’ time.