Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tom and Joey Help at the Fire Station

Joey is reading one of his favourite books.

Tom is playing with his toy fire engine and Emma has jumped in to be pushed around!

Harold Sunshine is a volunteer Fire Fighter and today he is taking Tom and Joey along to the Fire Station to help with the cleaning.  At the Fire Station Joey helps by sweeping the floors and a Fireman takes Tom into the kitchen to show him how to make a cup of tea.

Next Tom and Joey are asked to clean the Fire Engine.  They are given a bucket of warm soapy water and a sponge to use and they go outside.  Tom starts cleaning the front of the Fire engine and Joey starts cleaning the back of the Fire engine.  Emma has wandered over because she can see the Fire Chief’s dog by Tom.

Joey and Tom are doing a very good job of cleaning the Fire engine.

  The Firemen inspect the Fire engine and are very pleased with the job they have done.  They  invite the boys into the station to practise climbing the fireman’s pole.

Tom climbs up the pole after Joey.

Tom makes the Firemen a cup of tea and they all sit at the table and have a discussion.  Tom and Joey have agreed to come and help at the Fire Station at the weekends.
They would both like to be Fire Fighters when they grow up.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Abigail is trying to tempt the ASB black stallion to stand up by offering him a carrot.

Aunt Susan is showing her baby the donkey. Thelma has just given the donkey a fresh bucket of water to drink.
Edna is at a museum admiring the mosaic horse by Gene Hotaling. Horse Fever, Marion Cultural Alliance, Inc. Item No70101 LE/0825 Christhomas Corp. Handmade in China.  The horse's ears have been replaced.

Edna is wondering how close will this horse come because she has nothing for him to eat. (This is a brass horse with no identification on it).


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert

The Hitty girls are decorating the hall to celebrate the Queens Jubilee weekend.They are going to have a meeting on Monday, a public holiday, for the Queen’s birthday and watch the Jubilee Concert on TV.

Alana is pegging the 1952 Queen’s Coronation photo over the window.   Pat is cutting out pictures of the Queen for the posters that are being made to be pinned on the wall.   Ethel is gluing the photos of the Queen onto the cardboard to make a poster.

Jill is gluing some of the Queen pictures onto cardboard for the other poster and Rachel and Annabelle are cutting out pictures from a magazine for the posters.   Edna is adjusting the big picture  taken of  the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Serene is on the ladder hanging flags outside along the top of the hall.  The Hitty girls peg the two posters up and the hall decoration is finished.

The Hitty girls sit on the soft carpet to watch the delayed coverage of the Jubilee Concert on TV.

The Jubilee Concert finishes and Yasmin stands in front and of the girls and announces that a special guest has been invited to talk to them about the Jubilee Celebrations that has taken place in England. The guest is Sponge Bob Square Pants who is wearing an English soldier’s uniform! After his talk about the Jubilee celebrations he attended they end the day with afternoon tea of cucumber sandwiches and Albert Squares.

Sponge Bob Square Pants was invited to stay the night in the hall. He put his breakfast on a tray ready to have in the morning and went to sleep. During the night he woke to the sound of light footsteps and saw two moving shadows. Hmm, he thought, two Hitty girls are checking on me and he rolled over and went back to sleep.

In the morning John Sunshine arrived to take Sponge Bob Square Pants to the airport.
“Oh! No!”he exclaimed, “What has happened to the velvet carpet?”
Sponge Bob Square Pants woke up startled, sat up and looked at his breakfast tray and asked,
“Where’s my bottle of coke and two rose cakes?” 
 John Sunshine added, " You must have had rat visitors during the night who were very hungry." “WHAT!” yelled Sponge Bob Square Pants, “I thought I saw two Hitty girls check on me during the night? I’m scared of rats.” And he jumped up and ran out of the hall.

John Sunshine calmed him down and drove him to the airport as arranged and thanked him for visiting and speaking at the Hittys meeting.  Sponge Bob Square Pants didn't see the two rats watching him leave that morning.



Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Hittys Visit a Fire Station

The May Helping Hands meeting was a shorter meeting because Yasmin has organised a trip to a Fire Station.  The Hitty girls are going to  learn about fire safety.  Jill, Annabelle and Rachel have given their apologies to Yasmin. Yasmin, the leader of the group, tells the Hitty girls that Harold Sunshine is going to take them to a Fire Station in the truck. Harold is a volunteer Fire fighter.

Yasmin asks the Hitty girls to line up outside the hall so they are ready to get on the truck when Harold arrives.

Harold arrives with Emma, his dog, who is sitting on the front seat with her head out the window looking very excited.

Harold offers to help the Hitty girls climb into the back of the truck. When they are all seated in the back he drives to the Fire Station.

Two Fire Fighters  are standing outside the Fire Station to welcome them inside.

Yasmin being the leader goes and introduces herself to the senior Fire Fighter who invites the Hitty girls to the second floor where the other Fire Fighter is going to talk to them. Emma is pleased to see a dog at the Fire Station. Harold is examining the Fire Fighters axe which is very sharp.  Ethel is distracted by the barking of the dogs .

The Fire Fighters say it is important to work an out escape plan for your home and practice your escape plan regularly with everybody in the house. If there is a fire, once out, stay out – never go back inside. Matches and lighters are tools not toys.  Keep a metre from the heater.     Ethel is leaning out the window, again, to watch the dogs and her scarf has fallen off.

Harold picks up the scarf and passes it back to her and  Ethel tells him the dogs have run into the bushes. 

The Hitty girls all slide down the the firemans pole to the ground level.

There are no Fire Engines at the station today. The senior Fire Fighter shows the Hitty girls the posters on the walls and tells them in case of a fire, crawl low and fast to escape smoke 'Get down, get low, get out - FAST'.

Yasmin thanks the Fire Fighters for the privilege of been shown around the Fire Station and for all the helpful information told to them today for fire safety.   Yasmin gives both Fire Fighters a packet of chocolate chippie biscuits as a token of thanks for their time and helpfulness.

Harold calls and whistles for  Emma who finally responds and comes bounding back with the other dog close behind.  They all get into the truck and Steve drives the Hitty girls back to Kowhai Corner Hall.
The other dog belongs to the senior Firefighter.