Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nunodoll Swap 2010

Three nunodolls have been made at Kowhai Corner.   One is ready to go to North Carolina as a swap.

The Hitty girls are having a farewell meeting for her at Kowhai Corner Hall. Yasmin tells the swap nunodoll that she was a cloth Hitty swap a few years ago and that the journey in the dark in an envelope is okay and she will not get knocked around while travelling, in fact she enjoyed the journey here.

The Hitty girls ask her to get in touch and tell them what her new home is like when she arrives at her new home.    They are sure she will have lots of other Hitty girls to meet  at her new home.   Kowhai Corner nunodoll wave's goodbye to them after her photo is taken and she is ready to leave.

She is taking a map of New Zealand with her so she can show her new owner where Hamilton is,   
he town where she was born.   She is also taking a book of New Zealand scenes and a  kiwi key ring which she hopes she can hang on the wall at her new home.  

The nunodoll swap from North Carolinahas arrived at Kowhai Corner. She has brought her lovely patch work quilt and a kimono to wear.

Gavin and Paulette, who are also nunodolls,  welcome her to Kowhai Corner.  "Oh!" exclaims Gavin, "You look like a Hitty girl."   " I am  nuno/Hitty doll.   My name is Hollie." she replies.   " Well, I will go and tell the Hitty girls you are here," and off Gavin runs and finds Yasmin and Pat.   Yasmin and Pat each give Hollie a hug and tell her, " Tomorrow  we will introduce you to the other Hitty girls".

The autumn sun has set and it's time to go to bed.   Paulette, Hollie and Gavin all clamber into the bed with Hollie's lovely warm quilt over them.   Hollie yawns, closes her eyes and thinks, I am no longer in the dark envelope and tomorrow I will meet the other Hitty girls and a smile comes on her face.   Gavin props himself up on one elbow and looks at Hollie's peaceful face and thinks, how beautiful she is.   Paulette gives him a side glance and frowns.