Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Christmas 2010

Introducing Lim from Vietnam

The Hitty girls are at the Hall having their last Helping Hands Meeting for 2010 and they would like to say Happy Christmas to all the readers. Pat announces that there is going to be a new girl coming to the meeting today who is from Vietnam. Thelma says she can see a girl coming towards the hall. Pat goes over to Lim and gives her a welcome cuddle. Pat introduces Lim to the Hitty girls. Lim says she has been waiting in Sydney for two years to come here.

Pat gives Lim the plate of gingerbread men and suggests she takes it around to each girl and she can meet them individually. The girls start talking about how they would like to give a concert in the New Year.

Hannah and Luke arrived at Kowhai Corner a few months ago to open a cafe but the building is being used for something else!   They will organise the food and cook for the January concert.