Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Moa Dig

This is part two of A Visit from Gretel and Jeanette

Gretel and Jeanette arrive at Ruby’s Bird Sanctuary the next day.  Ruby welcomes them into her house for lunch.

While they are eating lunch Gretel tells Ruby about their visit to Kowhai Corner to visit their sister Gretchen. She also adds that they meet with the Sunshine brothers and asked if they could do a moa dig at the back of the farm near the river and that they were turned down.  Gretel and Jeanette are very disappointed about being turned down because they have done research and they discovered that moa bones were found in that area in 1874.

Ruby tells them that Selena Sunshine is their sister and she is her best friend. Ruby offers to ring Selena and see if Selena can get her brothers to change their minds. Gretel and Jeanette exclaim that would be wonderful if she would do that.Ruby rings Selena and explains the situation.

Selena replies that she is going to Kowhai Tree Farm tomorrow and will speak to her brothers then. Selena works as a typists in the city and rents a flat in the city she comes home to the family farm most weekends.Later the next day Ruby gets a phone call from Harold Sunshine giving Gretel and Jeanette permission for a dig.Gretel and Jeanette will be allowed to camp at the back of Kowhai Tree Farm for seven days only and they are not to go to an area Harold specifies (where K. C. Bunnyborough is established).

They leave Ruby’s house the next morning and go back to Kowhai Tree Farm and put up their tent in the area where they want to dig.

The next morning they get up early and study their map before they start digging. They dig for three hours before they stop for something to eat.

They continue digging all day.After they have dug in an area they put the dirt back and dig in another area.

It is now the late afternoon of the fourth day of digging when Jeanette calls to Gretel that she has hit something hard and it looks like a bone!Gretel comes over and very carefully they dig a bit more and it does look like a bone and it is a big one too!What excitement they both feel.It is now getting dark and it hard to see so they decide to stop and continue in the morning.

They are back at the site the next morning keen to continue digging.They had both been digging for about four hours when the length of the exposed bone could be seen. It is the length of them!

“How are we going to move the bone?” asks Jeanette.

“I will go back to Harold’s house and ask him if we can borrow Greylegs and a cart,” replies Gretel.

Gretel comes back with Greylegs with a cart. Harold and John have also come to help them put the bone in the cart. They decide to take it to Ruby’s house. Harold has asked them not to tell anyone just where they dug the bone up from.Gretel will send a sample of the bone to the laboratory to get it tested to see if it is a moa bone.

 Ruby can’t believe it when they arrive with the big bone.


They carefully take the bone off the cart and put it on the ground and cover it with a cloth to protect it until they know if it is a moa bone.

The sample test result is positive!!! It is a moa leg bone. Reporters start ringing Ruby’s house wanting more information and want to take photos. Articles appear in newspapers and magazines. Ruby asks John if he will make a stand so the moa bone will be raised off the ground and build a roof over it on her property so people can come and visit and pay to see the moa leg bone.  The money that will be received will be used to help maintain Ruby’s Bird Rescue Sanctuary.
Two days later… Ruby, Gretel and Jeanette have changed their mind. They have decided to donate the moa leg bone to a museum because Ruby’s phone is ringing all day and night, plus crowds of people are outside her property waiting to get in to have a look at the moa bone.

John has built a bone shape  table top in memory of the moa bone find and gives it to Ruby's Bird Rescue Sanctuary. Gretel and Jeanette have left Kowhai Tree Farm with a very happy memory.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Open Day at Kowhai Tree Farm

The Hitty girls have had their meeting at Kowhai Corner Hall and at 1 pm Alana has arranged for the Hitty girls to be the hosts at the open day at Kowhai Tree Farm. Annabelle and Rachel will be in the maroon barn with the hens and will answer any questions visitors might have. Pat will be at the paddock where the cows will be.   Anchor, the cow with her adult calf and Charlotte and her adult calf will be popular so Pat will have some apples to give them so they will stay near the fence. Serene and Thelma will see if they can find the ducks that are often at the farm. Abigail and Tricia will be with some pet sheep that will be able to be patted by the visitors. Edna will be with the two goats. Yasmin has offered to stay at the hall to put up the posters of Anchor that she got in 2008.  She will also give  all the visitors a free drink of milk when they come to the hall.  Alana is going to be walking around the farm to see that is going well.   Alana asks the Hitty girls to be back at the hall at 3 pm because Harold and John will be arriving with a special surprise.

Annabelle and Rachel have been helping to care for the hens since they arrived at Kowhai Corner  so they are just the right two to be with the hens today. They are delighted to have chickens to show the visitors today. 

Pat is patting Anchor and is hoping the cows will stay together because it will be easier for the visitors to see them.
Serene and Thelma have found a white duck with ducklings. This is an unexpected surprise for the visitors to see.


Abigail and Tricia have put two sheep with lambs in a small enclosure for the visitors to  pat if they want to.

Edna is with the two goats that came to Kowhai Tree Farm last year. Jill and Ethel are with her to help and keep her company.

Yasmin has put the posters up and has served milk to everyone who came to the hall.Alana is pleased how the day has gone and notices it is after 3 pm and hopes Harold and John won’t be late because she can see the Hitty girls walking back to the hall.

Beep, Beep, the truck has arrived.Harold and John go to the back of the truck and unload two Alpacas.

 This is the first time the Hitty girls have seen Alpacas. These animals will be an interesting addition to Kowhai Tree Farm.