Sunday, June 23, 2013

Aunt Susan Leaves Kowhai Corner

Aunt Susan came to Kowhai Corner with her baby son in 2009.  She was invited to help manage the Hitty girls and settle and record any new arrivals that come to live at Kowhai Corner. She accepted the job because she thought the country fresh air would help her son and his allergies.  Her son could only tolerate milk from a wood breed of cow so Aunt Susan brought the her cow, Sweetheart, with her to Kowhai Corner. Aunt Susan had only planned to stay for two years!


Aunt Susan goes and says goodbye to Sweetheart.  Steve has given permission for Sweetheart to remain at Kowhai Tree Farm because Aunt Susan can't take it with her to her home in Utah.


The Hitty girls give a farewell afternoon tea for Aunt Susan and thank her for her help at Kowhai Corner.  Alana presents her with a gift which the Hitty girls all gave some money towards.

The Hitty girls ask Aunt Susan to open the present.  Aunt Susan opens the present and inside the box is a pull-a-long Buzzy Bee.  Her son will love playing with that.

John will take Aunt Susan to the bus stop where she will catch a bus to the airport.

Aunt Susan is a Johanna Chavre doll, no 144, made in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. She is 21cm tall and is made with wire and clay.