Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ruby's Bird Rescue Sanctuary

Ruby is the guest speaker at the Helping Hands October meeting.   Ruby operates a bird rescue sanctuary.   People bring in injured birds to Ruby and she looks after them until they are well enough to be released back to the area where they were found, if possible.   She lives on the coast so often gets sea birds brought to her.

Ruby has put her wall chart up about the Yellow-eyed penguin.   Ruby tells the Hitty girls that she is involved in the Save the Yellow-eyed Penguin project.   The wall chart has information all about the Yellow-eyed penguin's nesting and incubation, hatching, adult moulting, chick moulting, feeding and predators.

Annabelle has brought her big book Pippa The Fairy Penguin,  which was first published in 1974 and puts it up against the wall for the girls to see.   Annabelle enjoyed the book and would like to see a real penguin.

Annabelle tells Ruby she helps on Kowhai Tree Farm feeding the hens and collecting the eggs for Mr and Mrs Sunshine.   Ruby has also read the book and tells Annabelle she would be the ideal volunteer to have helping at the Bird Sanctuary.

Ammabelle gives Ruby a penguin ornament and a donation on behalf of all the Hitty girls at the Helping Hands meeting for coming  and sharing with them about her bird sanctuary and the Save the Yellow-eyed Penguin, project.

Ruby thanks the Hitty girls for inviting her to share and invites them to come to the bird sanctuary to see the penguins that are there at the moment.   The Hitty girls have accepted the invitation and will visit next weekend.

The next weekend... John is going to the Bird Sanctuary to mend cages and do some maintenance work and will take the Hitty girls on the back of the truck. Annabelle put a Save the Yellow-eyed penguin poster on the side of the truck. Ruby welcomes them when they arrive and John starts his maintenance work while Ruby starts showing the Hitty girls around the penguin area.

Ruby shows them the little blue penguin who is recovering from being mauled by a dog.

Another penguin has head injuries from a propeller of a boat.   He has a water proof hat on to keep his stitches dry.

The brown penguin has been resuced from an oil slick.   Ruby has bathed him once but it will take a few baths to get all the oil off his coat.

A lady saw the poster on the side of the truck and followed the truck to Ruby's Bird Sanctuary and has given a $5.00 donation.  It has the Yellow-eyed penguin on it!   Good on you, Annabelle for putting the poster on the side of the truck.   Annabelle is looking forward to start as a volunteer next weekend.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Selena Sells her Knitwear

Selena grew up on a farm and each spring she had pet lambs to bottle feed. The lambs have grown into sheep now but they still remember Selena when she visits the farm.

Her parents have gone overseas for a few years and the farm has now been divided up between her three brothers and they live on their separate part of the farm independent from each other but help each other whenever necessary. None of the brothers wanted to be farmers so there is only a few animals on the land now. Selena works in the city as a secretary and visits her brothers on the farm most weekends. Her dream is to open a Wool and Craft Shop at Kowhai Corner but her brothers don’t want people to start coming into this area.

Selena learnt to spin wool and knit as a young girl and she still loves to do both.

Selena and her brothers have agreed that she try and sell her knitwear once a month on Fridays at Kowhai Corner Hall. Selena has asked Pat to be her assistant and together they set up the hall with Selena’s knitted items. Selena has knitted blankets, Hitty shawls, cardigans, jerseys, rabbit clothing and her specialty… rabbit cushions.

Selena isd wearing a new knitted herself a dress for the occasion. It is not long before the Hitty girls arrive and they like the shawls and buy everyone!

     The Hitty girls leave, talking to each other exclaiming that they will be back next time. When all is quiet... some rabbits hop into the hall, most are undressed! (They are from Kowhai Corner Bunnyborough - a safe place for rabbits at the back of Kowhai Tree Farm.)

The rabbits find the clothing that will fit them and want to try it on. Selena gives permission for them to try the selected clothing on. Suddenly, a scream is heard.


Oh! No! It's Mrs Lemon.  Mrs Lemon and Mr Know both holding and pulling the red rabbit cushion. They both want to buy it!  Pat steps forward to help sort the problem out. Mrs Lemon reluctantly lets it go and lets Mr Know buy it. Pat whispers to Mrs Lemon that she can choose one of the other rabbit cushions and she will give her 25% discount off the price.

The undressed rabbits are wearing the cothes they have chosen and they buy them. The rabbits are very happy and they all hop back to Kowhai Corner Bunnyborough.   Selena and Pat agree that today has been a successful and eventful day.    They smile as they pack up and look forward to their next trading day.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

The New Residents Arrival

John Sunshine has harnessed Greylegs to the wagon ready to go to the edge of town to the Three Lights lamp stand bus stop to pick up the three, soon to be, new residents who want to live at Kowhai Corner.

At the Three Lights lamp stand bus stop Rachel sees John approaching and waves out to him.   John stops and greets Tricia, Joey and Rachel.

  John puts their bags in the wagon before he helps them into the wagon.   He tells Joey about Tom, a boy who is the same size as Joey who lives at Kowhai Corner and that Tom is looking forward to having a playmate.

As they past Kowhai Tree Farm John points out Charlotte, the cow, with her grown up calf, who is now bigger than Charlotte.   Anchor is also there with her grown up calf that looks  like Anchor.                                 

Thelma, Annabelle, Daisy and Abigail are at Kowhai Corner to welcome Tricia, Joey and Rachel.   John arrives back and helps Rachel and Tricia get down off the wagon .   Joey sees Tom and climbs down by himself.           

Tom  welcomes Joey  by inviting him back to his room where he meets William, on the rocking horse and Darren the two other boys at Kowhai Corner.   Tom has been waiting for a boy his size to move to Kowhai Corner so they can have some adventures together.  Joey is interested in having adventures together.

Daisy and the Hitty girls walk to Kowhai Corner Hall where the other Hitty girls are waiting to meet Tricia and Rachel.    The Hitty girls welcome Tricia and Rachel  and tell them that they are all going to sleep in the hall tonight.   Daisy leaves and tells the girls not to stay up too late talking because accommodation arrangements for Tricia and Rachel  have to be sorted out in the morning.                                                                                   


The Hitty girls admire Tricia's clothing.   They haven't seen a dress in that style before and none of them have a bonnet or combination underwear.   Tricia is only too willing to take her dress off and show off her underwear.   She will not take off her bonnet for the other girls to try on though.   In fact she goes to bed with it on!                                                                                         

In the morning there is a knock on the hall door.   Steve and Stephie are outside with Aunt Susan and her newborn son who arrived late last night and stayed with Steve, Stephie and family.   Aunt Susan meets the Hitty girls and tells them she is  going to help arrange accomadation for the new residents and keep a record of who is living at Kowhai Corner.

Aunt Susan has bought a cow with her! This breed of cow produces milk that her son can only drink. Aunt Susan asks if the cow, named Sweetheart, can join Steve's herd.  Steve accepts the cow graciously and takes the cow  to the paddock to join the other four cows.    Hmm, Steve doesn't  want another cow as his cows produce more than enough milk for the Kowhai Corner residents.
  Steve may open a Cafe at Kowhai Corner.   His sister, Selena, has already expressed her desire to open a Wool and Craft shop at Kowhai Corner.


Monday, October 19, 2009

The Hitty Girls First Meeting

The Hitty girls are having their first meeting at the Kowhai Corner Hall. They want to start a group to help people living in their community. They have decided to name their group, HELPING HANDS GROUP.

 They discuss the opening of Kowhai Corner Hall and congratulate Annabelle for her quick thinking to get the ladder to help get Plchard down from the tree. Yasmin and Alana are thanked  for setting up and serving on the stall on the milk promotion day. Pat and Abigail were helping outside the hall looking after Harold and Brenda's children so that Harold and Brenda could meet the residents who came to the milk promotion day.

Pat has been nominated to be the leader of the Helping Hands Group for this year because she was the first Hitty to arrive at Kowhai Corner. Jill presents her with a plastic hand sign which will be put up outside the hall when they have their meetings so other residents will see that the hall is in use. The Hitty girls have disscussed their next "Helping Hand" offer of help and will speak to Steve about it to get his approval.

Pat and Jill make Steve an offer he can't refuse! They tell him that it was decided at the Helping Hands meeting that the Hitty girls would like to paint his truck. It was agreed at the meeting because Kowhai Corner is becoming popular and the truck should look a credit to the community. Steve chuckles and gives the go ahead for the girls to paint the truck. He will supply the paint.

They have started painting! Pat is painting the front, Jill is painting the sides, Edna is painting the inside of the trailer and Abigail is painting the back. They have put their aprons on but it is hot and they should have their sunhats on as well.

They have finished painting the undercoat on the truck. What a hot job that was. Stephie has arrived with some drinks and apples for the girls. Stephie thanks the girls for a well done job.

In the cool evening Steve and Stephie with Harold and Brenda come and inspect the painting. They are very pleased with the quality of the painting and are looking forward to see the truck with the top coat of paint on.

Early the next morning the Hitty girls paint the top coat on. Later in the afternoon, when the paint is dry, they climb in the truck to have their photo taken.
"HOORAY!" the Hitty girls yell, "We have finished."

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Unexpected Cow

Steve has received a phone call from a Farmer offering him a young cow that has had difficulty keeping its balance since it was born. The cow is unsteady on it's feet and it is unprofitable for the Farmer to provide for its treatment. Steve has accepted to take the cow as it will be company for the cow that he has brought and is due to come to Kowhai Tree Farm next month.

The Hitty girls have heard that a young cow has arrived at Kowhai Tree Farm. Edna, Serene and Thelma decide to take a walk to the farm and have a look at the new cow. The girls see the young cow lying down spread legged in the paddock.    As they walk closer it starts to struggle to stand up to it but it is unable to. Edna runs to find Steve to tell him.

Edna finds Steve in the barn and tells him the new cow is struggling to stand up. Steve comes back with her and tries to lift the cow to it's feet but is unable to. Steve tells the girls that the Vet is coming later this afternoon to inspect the cow and hopefully will be able to tell him why young cow has difficulty standing.

The girls are still at the farm when the Vet arrives to inspect the cow.Steve and the Vet lift the cow to its feet and coax it into the barn.The Vet gives the cow a calcium injection.

The Vet says after a course of calcium tablets the cow should improve considerably. The cow will always be unsteady on her feet but she will be able to keep her balance to stand and walk.


A week later the girls come back to visit the cow. Steve tells the girls the cow has been named Charlotte.   Charlotte hears the girls voices and walks out of the barn to greet them. Steve is pleased with her progress. Charlotte will have a good future here eating the luscious green grass on the farm.



Steve has been notified that the cow he has ordered is ready to be collected from the breeders farm. It is an Anchor breed of cow which is know as a prolific producer of milk. Steve is hoping this cow will produce enough milk for all the residents at Kowhai Corner. Steve and Harold go together to collect the Anchor cow in the truck.  They get her onto the back of the truck and discuss names for her as they drive back to Kowhai Tree Farm. They have decided to name the cow Anchor.

They arrive back at Kowhai Tree Farm Anchor is unloaded and taken to the paddock where Charlotte, the other cow is. It is hoped that the two cows will become good friends.

Anchor has settled in well and is producing lots of milk. The Hitty girls have arranged to have a stall at Kowhai Corner Hall on Sunday afternoon displaying the different types of milk that are being produced with Anchor's milk. The residents of Kowhai Corner have been invited to come and taste  the different types of milk and take home a free sample of their choice. Many of the residents have ordered milk to be delivered daily or two or three times a week to their homes.

Pat and Abigail are looking after Harold and Brenda's children so Harold and Brenda can welcome all the visitors into the hall and answer any questions they may have.

Harold has set up the outside table by the side of the hall for them to use. He tells the residents that Anchor is behind the hall and they are welcome to meet her and give her a pat. Pat and Abigail are trying to give the children a drink of milk at the table but they have other ideas. Harold's dog, Emma, is quite content to stay put and eat her bone.


Charlotte and Anchor are getting along well together.  Steve has decided to have a loan of a bull for a few weeks. Steve and Harold go to collect the bull from a different area. They load the bull onto the back of the truck and drive back to Kowhai Tree Farm where  Jill, Abigail and Ethel are waiting to see the bull.

They unload the bull and put him in the same paddock with Charlotte and Anchor.The bull is very sturdy and strong. The bull gets excited when he meets Charlotte and Anchor. He has taken a particular interest in Charlotte. Can you see the Anchor brand on Anchor? Jill, Abigail and Ethel will be telling the other Hitty girls what a fine looking bull he is.

Nine months and one week later Charlotte has a calf. Wow! That was a successful outcome. When Ethel, Jill and Annabelle hear the news about the new calf they run over to the farm to have a look. Steve tells them that Anchor's calf is due next week.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Official Opening of Kowhai Corner Hall - 28.12.08

Steve, Harold and John Sunshine welcome Wendy, Bob the Builder's assistant, who has been invited to officially open the Kowhai Corner Hall. They are surprised that she has brought her cat, Pilchard with her.   The brothers moved the hall to Kowhai Corner and have done alterations to it for the Hitty girls to stay in until they find accommodation and for them to use for their meetings.

Steve gives Wendy the scissors so she can cut the ribbon and declare the hall open. Gretchen is standing at the side of the hall so she can keep an eye on Pilchard in case he decides to go exploring and gets lost.

Hitty Alana thanks Wendy and presents her with a bunch of flowers from all the Hitty girls. Alana thanks the Sunshine brothers for arranging to have the hall moved to Kowhai Corner and allowing it to be used by the community. The brothers have sanded, painted and put glass windows in the hall.

The guest cheer and clap to show their appreciation.

The Scottish family were invited to provide entertainment for approximately thirty minutes. The father plays the bagpipes; the mother plays the drum and the daughter sings and dances.

Some of the women and children from the local Maori tribe have arranged to sing and do action songs. They would like to use the hall once a week for flax weaving and crafts.

Everyone is invited to come into the hall for afternoon tea. The people discuss with Wendy that they would like to add some shops to this area. Meanwhile, Pilchard, thinks this is a good time to go and find the local cats.

Gretchen notices Pilchard leaving the hall. Pilchard finds Snowy, who is asleep and Woody who is delighted to meet Pilchard and wants to play.  Emma, Harold's dog, sees Pilchard by the cats and gets excited and bounds over  towards them barking. Pilchard gets a fright and runs and climbs the nearest tree.

Emma's barking has attracted two poodles over who also join in the barking at the base of the tree. Gretchen goes over to calm the dogs while Hitty Annabelle goes and gets a ladder. Annabelle climbs the ladder and reaches Pilchard who she passes to Gretchen. Gretchen carries Pilchard to Wendy.

Wendy thanks Gretchen and she gets in the car with Pilchard and Steve drives them to the airport. Some of the residents wave to them and sigh in relief that no harm has been done.