Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Christmas 2010

Introducing Lim from Vietnam

The Hitty girls are at the Hall having their last Helping Hands Meeting for 2010 and they would like to say Happy Christmas to all the readers. Pat announces that there is going to be a new girl coming to the meeting today who is from Vietnam. Thelma says she can see a girl coming towards the hall. Pat goes over to Lim and gives her a welcome cuddle. Pat introduces Lim to the Hitty girls. Lim says she has been waiting in Sydney for two years to come here.

Pat gives Lim the plate of gingerbread men and suggests she takes it around to each girl and she can meet them individually. The girls start talking about how they would like to give a concert in the New Year.

Hannah and Luke arrived at Kowhai Corner a few months ago to open a cafe but the building is being used for something else!   They will organise the food and cook for the January concert.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Marmite celebrates 100 years.

Marmite celebrates 100 years of production in New Zealand.

Marmite is a yeast spread that can be used in sandwiches, stews, soups, gravy and hot drinks plus other uses.   Ethel and Jill like it spread on hot buttered toast in the mornings for breakfast.

An Overnight Camp

After the Helping Hands meeting where Jeanette and Gretal spoke about moas, Alana and Annabelle talked well into the night discussing how they would like to go to the back of Kowhai Tree Farm and look for moa bones.

The next morning they  asked Joey if he would like to come with them on an overnight camp and have a dig  for moa bones. Joey was keen and asked if Tom could come too and the girls agreed he could.   Joey goes to Scouts so he knows how to set and read a compass, tie a variety of knots, make a fire and  boil water.

 They all go together to ask Steve Sunshine if they can camp overnight at the back of his farm. Steve  gives his permission for them to stay out for one night providing  they are back at his house the next day before it gets dark and they are not to climb  the big rocks. 

 The children agree and  meet the following morning with the things they will need for the overnight camp.  Joey and Tom have been this way before so they lead the way walking towards the back of the farm.

After a couple of hours of walking across the rough ground they stop for a rest. They have a drink and eat the biscuits they have brought with them. Feeling refreshed they set off again.

They continued walking for another hour when Joey calls out, " I can see the big rocks." They stop and look around and decide to set up their tent and stay here for the night. Joey gathers some wood for a fire while the others struggle to put up the tent.

The tent was up when Joey called out and said the billy of water on the fire is boiling. They each make themselves a cup of hot milo to have with their marmite sandwiches. Tom says it's about 30 minutes walk from here to the river where they can start digging for moa bones. They are too tired to walk any more today so will go there in the morning. Alana says she wants to climb the big rocks to see what's on the other side. "We are not allowed to." reminds Annablle. It is getting dark so they put potatoes in the dying ashes of the fire to eat tomorrow morning and the girls go into the tent to sleep. They boys say they will sleep outside the tent and watch the dying fire.

The girls wake first in the morning and go to the cold fire to find the potatoes. They move the cold ashes around with sticks but cannot find them. The boys wake and see what the girls are doing and confess that they ate them last night for a mid- night feast!

Alana insists she is going to climb the big rocks to have a look at the other side. So Joey advises Annabelle and Tom to clear up the camp site and he will go with Alana.
Wow!” she yells when she reaches the top, " There's a big egg over there. I am going over to have a closer look. "Wait for me. I'll coming too." yells back Joey.


When they get closer to a big egg they see a door. “Someone lives in here,“ Alana says as they cautiously peep through the door way.
She recognizes the rabbit cushion on the bed as one that Selena has made. A fantail flitters around tweeting excitedly. Suddenly, a loud noise like thumping on the ground starts and continues. Alana and Joey quickly run back to the big rocks, climb over and run to the campsite. Annabelle and Tom are frightened and ask, "What's  that noise? Is it an earthquake?" "Could be." replies Joey breathless, "Pick up your bags. We going back to Kowhai Tree Farm." There was no digging for moa bones on this trip!

Meanwhile, Steve Sunshine hears the rabbit alarm and starts walking to the back of the farm to meet the children.   He asks them, "Who climbed over the big rocks?"  Alana and Joey confess they did. 
Steve Sunshine calls them aside and tells them that the punishment for not obeying him is that they are to report to John Sunshine's  vegetable garden and help him dig the garden  every day this week after school.

John appreciates the help.   Alana and Joey say to each other that the next time they do digging will be for moa bones.



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Profile Picture

Replaced the profile photo (the above photo)  to included the Sylvanian rabbits of my other blog.
Back row: Yasmin, Annabelle, Jill, Rachel, Aunt Susan holding baby.
Middle row:  Alana with Ethel in front, Edna, Serene, April and Pat.
Front row:  Thelma and Tricia

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Visit from Gretel and Jeanette

Gretchen’s sisters, Gretel and Jeanette have arrived at Kowhai Corner for a holiday with a purpose.
Gretel is an archaeologist, the study of man’s past by scientific analysis of the material remains of his cultures. Jeanette is an ornithologist, the study of birds.

Pat has invited the sisters to be the guest speakers at the August Helping Hands Meeting. Jeanette is going to speak about the moa, a large extinct flightless bird of New Zealand.

Jeanette has bought her posters with her and Gretel tapes them to the walls of Kowhai Corner Hall so the Hitty girls can look at them while she speaks. The largest moa, Dinornis giganteus weighed about 200 kilograms and with its head up almost measured three metres in height.The biggest birds of the species lived in the South Island, mostly on the lowland areas in the east.

Jeanette tells the girls she has found information about this area where a moa bone was found in 1874. She produces a bone from her bag which she says is the moa bone found in this area which she has borrowed from the museum to show at this meeting.

The Hitty girls exclaim in surprise and Jeanette passes the moa bone to Edna and she passes it around so all the Hitty girls can examine it more closely. Jeanette and Gretal end their talk by saying they are hoping to get permission from the Sunshine brothers to camp on Kowhai Tree Farm , by the river, to do an archaeological dig for moa bones.

That evening at Kowhai Corner Hall a meeting with Gretal, Jeanette and the Sunshine brothers, Steve, Harold and John takes place .The sisters ask for permission to set up a camp at the back of their land, by the river and to do a dig for moa bones. The brothers cannot give their permission because it is near the area where K.C. Bunnyborough sanctuary has become established . The Sunshine brothers would get into trouble if the authorities knew  they are protecting rabbits. Farmers want to eradicate all the rabbits on their farms.

The sisters ask why they can’t have access to the back of their farm. The Sunshine brothers say that the land is in use at the moment and the matter is private and confidential. The sisters leave the meeting very disappointed. Tomorrow they will go and visit Ruby's Bird Sanctuary.

To be continued...   Part 2 Is titled A Moa Dig

Monday, May 31, 2010

SPCA Knitted Puppy Jumpers

In January 2010 Selena received a pamphlet in the mail from Knit World advertising a wool sale.   Also enclosed in the envelope was a knitting pattern supplied by the SPCA for puppy jumpers.   The SPCA want to have 3,000 by April 30th.   Hmm,  thinks Selena.   She rings Pat and asks Pat if she can come to the February Helping Hands meeting and ask the Hitty girls to knit a puppy jumper for  the SPCA.   Pat thinks that's a wonderful idea it will be a challenge for the Hitty girls and invites Selena to be the guest speaker at the February meeting

Selena brings the knitting pattern with her to the February meeting and gives the Hitty girls a copy each. Selena has also brought enough knitting needles and wool for the girls to use.

Most of the Hitty girls can knit so they choose the colour of the wool they want and begin to knit. Selena helps those who can't knit and soon they are all knitting and talking. Woody, the cat, has come into the hall and is delighted to find a ball of wool!


Time has slipped by quickly and it's time to go home.  Selena asks the girls to come back in two weeks time and bring their knitting with them.   Woody has got into a terrible tangle and the wool has to be cut off him.  

Two weeks later when Selena arrives at the hall for the knitting afternoon some of the Hitty girls are there waiting for her.   Selena has brought some cream horns and donuts in a basket for afternoon tea.   Not all the girls have arrived today.    Annabelle and Rachel have gone to help at Ruby's Bird Rescue Centre.   Selena tells the girls that there is going to be a surprise visit at 3pm.

Selena notices how long Ethel's knitting is! Selena asks Ethel if she is following the pattern that she gave her two weeks ago. Ethel turns red and says she couldn't understand the pattern and is making her up own pattern. " Well," Selena explains, "You have made your knitting too long." " Oh, no" replies Ethel, "I don't want to undo it." "Why don't you knit a scarf?" asks Selena. "I will and later I will knit a puppy jumper." answers Ethel Just before 3pm they all hear alot of barking. Selena says, "Sounds like our guests have arrived."

The girls all go outside and see the dogs that starred in HOTEL DOGS. The dogs are just stopping for thirty minutes before they continue to their destination. The dogs and girls are over joyed at meeting each other. The dogs and girls play around and thirty minutes past very quickly. Selena has asked the girls to come back next Saturday afternoon to the hall and bring their finished puppy jumpers with them.

Next Saturday afternoon Selena arrives with Emma, a dalmation and Hayley a dachshund wearing an adult dog jumper that Selena has knitted. The girls hand over five puppy jumpers and  a few scarfs. Selena gives the scarfs back to the girls who handed them in and she delivers the puppy jumpers to the Knit World shop before the 30th April as stated on the advertising pamphlet.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nunodoll Swap 2010

Three nunodolls have been made at Kowhai Corner.   One is ready to go to North Carolina as a swap.

The Hitty girls are having a farewell meeting for her at Kowhai Corner Hall. Yasmin tells the swap nunodoll that she was a cloth Hitty swap a few years ago and that the journey in the dark in an envelope is okay and she will not get knocked around while travelling, in fact she enjoyed the journey here.

The Hitty girls ask her to get in touch and tell them what her new home is like when she arrives at her new home.    They are sure she will have lots of other Hitty girls to meet  at her new home.   Kowhai Corner nunodoll wave's goodbye to them after her photo is taken and she is ready to leave.

She is taking a map of New Zealand with her so she can show her new owner where Hamilton is,   
he town where she was born.   She is also taking a book of New Zealand scenes and a  kiwi key ring which she hopes she can hang on the wall at her new home.  

The nunodoll swap from North Carolinahas arrived at Kowhai Corner. She has brought her lovely patch work quilt and a kimono to wear.

Gavin and Paulette, who are also nunodolls,  welcome her to Kowhai Corner.  "Oh!" exclaims Gavin, "You look like a Hitty girl."   " I am  nuno/Hitty doll.   My name is Hollie." she replies.   " Well, I will go and tell the Hitty girls you are here," and off Gavin runs and finds Yasmin and Pat.   Yasmin and Pat each give Hollie a hug and tell her, " Tomorrow  we will introduce you to the other Hitty girls".

The autumn sun has set and it's time to go to bed.   Paulette, Hollie and Gavin all clamber into the bed with Hollie's lovely warm quilt over them.   Hollie yawns, closes her eyes and thinks, I am no longer in the dark envelope and tomorrow I will meet the other Hitty girls and a smile comes on her face.   Gavin props himself up on one elbow and looks at Hollie's peaceful face and thinks, how beautiful she is.   Paulette gives him a side glance and frowns.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Visit to the Zoo - part 2

The girls walk out the Zoo Cafe towards the Australian animal's area.

They have to past the hippo's enclosure first. Some of the girls stop to watch the hippos playing in the water. They point at the cute baby one who is watching his parents play.

The echidna is a spine-covered monotreme mammal of Australia and New Guinea with a long snout and claws. This one is shuffling about in his enclosure, probably looking for ants to eat.

Yasmin is enjoying looking at the kangaroos because  they are her favourite animal.   When she arrived to live at Kowhai Corner she bought her toy kangaroo with her.

The snake is awake and hisses at the girls.   The girls don't stay long as the snake looks hungry.   They go to the koala area.

The koala, or koala bear, is a slow moving Australian arborel marsupial with dense greyish fur and feeds on eucalyptus leaves.   The girls are allowed to hold a koala and can have their photo taken.    Edna and Annabelle requested a photo be taken of them holding a koala.  Yasmin was holding a koala but it climbed out of her arms before the photo could be taken.

The Tasmanian devil is a small ferocious carnivorous marsupial of Tasmania.

Serene, Tricia and Alana  go into the big shed which  houses the noctural animals.   It is dark inside. After their eyes adjust to the dark they see a cream opossum sitting on a tree stump.

Further along they see a bilby, an endangered animal, on a tree. They hear a noise in the water and see a duck-billed platypus which is an amphibious egg laying mammal of East Australia. It has dense fur, a broad bill, webbed feet and a tail.

The girls meet at the zoo exit to go home. The black cockatoo starts talking and says "Gidday mate." The Hitty girls go over to talk to him for awhile before they wave goodbye and leave the zoo. Yasmin is looking forward to going home to give her toy kangaroo a cuddle and to tell it she has now seen real kangaroos. She knows that it won't jump out of her arms. This has been an enjoyable day for the Hitty girls.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holiday Activities - January 2010

 Stephie,Sweets and Steve Sunshine are sitting, with Alana, Jill and Pat standing in between.   This photo was going to be the orginial blog photo, but I managed to take a better one.

Tricia and Thelma are looking at a model Viking ship made from bronze (no identification marks as to who made it).   Edna climbs in and looks around and thinks it would be scary to be out at sea in this boat.

 Thelma  climbs in after Edna gets out as there can only be one at a time in the boat.    Tricia wants to check out the other model boat on display.

This ship is a replica of Batavia 1602.

Tricia and Thelma visited  Fox Glacier where they each built a snowman and played in the snow.

Steve, Stephie and Sweets are going to travel in the covered wagon pulled by the Clydesdale horse and stay in the native bush for a week.

Abigail and Tricia admire the white Clydesdale horse.  (Beswick china)

  Abigail and Alana are waiting to get New Zealand All Black hero, Michael Jones's autograph.