Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hereford Fine China Bulls

Joey is standing by the Limited Edition bull of 100.  This one is number 82.  Rick Lewis founded Hereford Fine China in England and then relocated to Hamilton, New Zealand in 1981.  Nicola, his daughter is also an artist.

 Harold,Steve and Joey are admiring the Charolais Bull made by Hereford China, model 2.

Steve is admiring the bronze statue of Sir Tristram, the famous race horse who has sold for $2,950.00 New Zealand currency.

Harold, Steve and Joey admire the bronze yearling.
These items were for sale at Designers Barn, Cambridge, New Zealand.





Sunday, September 2, 2012

Te Totara Pa

The model of Te Totara Pa was made by Doug Pick in the 1970’s.  Te Totara Pa at Thames stood on a bluff which was terraced on two sides and was visited by Captain Cook in 1769. Alana and Annabelle are at the Te Totara Pa as guests and the Maori way of life in the 1800’s is being acted out for them to see. 

The taumaihi is a watch tower which can be climbed to the top to see if any enemies are coming. A warning can be given to the tribe to get ready for battle. 

The hongi, which is pressing noses together, is a form of greeting which is been given by the couple on the left.


 One of the Maori's is showing the girls how  to start a fire.  Fire making was done with a grooved block called kaunoti and a pointed fire stick called a hika.Pataka is the store house where the food was stored. The kites are flax baskets used to carry the pipis from the beach to the maere.

War games using weapons along with wrestling, running and swimming were favourite pastimes amongst the men.Women played stick games, sang and danced as pastimes.

Alana and Annabelle are invited into the maere where they talk to the Chief and the women with babies. Alana and Annabelle thank the chief for allowing them to learn how they lived so long ago.

My grateful thanks go to Eris for allowing me to take these photos at the Cambridge Museum.
The Barn

Ethel and Jill are visiting the American style 1930/40 period barn.

Ethel has just used the outside toilet!

Ethel is pretending to drive the tractor.

Jill is talking to the girl who is feeding her horse.

Ken Harris is the model maker of this barn setting in 18th scale.  This is on display at the Cambridge Museum and permission was given for me to take the above photos from Eris.