Thursday, November 10, 2011

Preparing to watch the Rugby World Cup 2011 Series

New Zealand is the host to the Rugby World Cup 2011 series.

  Tom, Darren and Joey look at the poster of The Webb Ellis Cup and hope New Zealands rugby team will win it.

 Steve and Harold are going to set up the hall for the “males only” to watch the series there.Their wives, Stephie, Daisy (John Sunshine's wife) and Brenda are cleaning out the hall and will stack the chairs so the men have room to set up the couch and bean chairs. Daisy discovered rat poo under a chair while she was sweeping the floor. Is there is a rat living nearby? she wonders.

The brothers, Steve and Harold Sunshine have loaded a couch, four bean chairs and a big screen T.V. onto the truck to take to Kowhai Corner Hall.
Suddenly, a green car tries to past them on the inside and ends up cutting the truck off. Steve puts the brake on as quick as he can but it is too late they have collided.They both get out of the truck and Steve looks at the damage to the front of the truck and can see a big crack.He looks at the green car and sees damage on the front and side but can’t see anyone in the car.That’s odd, he is thinking, where is the driver?

Harold yells out that the load is still secure on the truck and the T.V. is not broken. Penny his dog, on the truck starts barking and Steve’s dog joins in. They all look around but they still can’t find the driver to the green car.
Steve gets in the truck and starts the engine which starts okay so they continue driving to Kowhai Corner Hall.

The ladies have done a good job of cleaning and are ready for the men to carry in the load off the truck. Steve tells the ladies about the car accident and shows them the crack on the front of the truck.

 The boys, Joey, Tom and Darren have come and joined Steve, Harold and John Sunshine,Luke and Brian (the vet) to watch the first rugby test on the T.V. at Kowhai Corner Hall.  

Three weeks later… New Zealand is in the final game and tonight the men and boys have met  to watch the final game between France and New Zeland.  The score is 7 to 8 to New Zeland.  NEW ZEALAND HAS WON. They jump up at the end of the game yelling and cheering in excitement.  NEW ZEALAND HAS WON THE WORLD RUGBY SERIES 2011 and won the cup.They all leave the hall very happy.  Steve and Harold will come back tomorrow morning to take the furniture home.

Later that night when all is quiet in the hall two rats emerge and eat up any crumbs that are left!