Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tom and Joey Help at the Fire Station

Joey is reading one of his favourite books.

Tom is playing with his toy fire engine and Emma has jumped in to be pushed around!

Harold Sunshine is a volunteer Fire Fighter and today he is taking Tom and Joey along to the Fire Station to help with the cleaning.  At the Fire Station Joey helps by sweeping the floors and a Fireman takes Tom into the kitchen to show him how to make a cup of tea.

Next Tom and Joey are asked to clean the Fire Engine.  They are given a bucket of warm soapy water and a sponge to use and they go outside.  Tom starts cleaning the front of the Fire engine and Joey starts cleaning the back of the Fire engine.  Emma has wandered over because she can see the Fire Chief’s dog by Tom.

Joey and Tom are doing a very good job of cleaning the Fire engine.

  The Firemen inspect the Fire engine and are very pleased with the job they have done.  They  invite the boys into the station to practise climbing the fireman’s pole.

Tom climbs up the pole after Joey.

Tom makes the Firemen a cup of tea and they all sit at the table and have a discussion.  Tom and Joey have agreed to come and help at the Fire Station at the weekends.
They would both like to be Fire Fighters when they grow up.

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