Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Christmas 2013

‘…Wise men… came to Jerusalem, saying, “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?”’ Matthew 2:1-2

May all who read this blog know God's love this Christmas season.

Hitty Girls Babysit for the Sunshine Mothers 2013

Today the Hitty girls are going to babysit the children of Sunshine Families. This will give the mothers a chance to do their Christmas shopping.  Brenda, Daisy and Stephie are so pleased to have this time to shop without the children. Alana and Pat have arrived early to get the hall ready. They will look after the children from 9 am to 3 pm. They will go to Sculpture Park for a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon there so the children can run around and play on the equipment.

 Brenda has arrived first with her five children.

Stephie arrives next with baby Sweets and Sharon.

 Daisy arrives with baby William, Tom and Joey. The elder boys didn’t want to come but Daisy said they could help with the younger ones. Tom and Joey do like playing at Sculpture Park.


Brenda, Stephie and Daisy leave together to go to the city to do their shopping.They shop seperately and meet at the same Café as last year for lunch.

Surprise! Ruby and Selena are at the café when Brenda, Daisy and Stephie arrive, (It was pre-arranged).  They order lunch and Brenda starts talking about her life before she married Harold Sunshine.

Brenda was a ballerina and performed in ballets as a teenager.  She also was a teacher at a ballet school and taught the first and second year ballet pupils.  She met Harold when she was still at High School and they married when she was eighteen years old.  She misses been involved in the ballet school and would like to start teaching again.  She also confesses that having five children to look after has made her tired and restless… she wants a break from the children. Hmm… Stephie will suggest to Harold to take Brenda on a holiday without the children.

Meanwhile back at Kowhai Corner Hall the children are happily playing together when Alana announces it is time to go to Sculpture Park. 


They walk to Sculpture Park and have a picnic lunch before the children run to play on the equipment.
 Sharon and Jackie run to the swing. Sharon gets there first and has a swing Tricia and Pat give Hope and William a turn on the see saw.

They go to the slide next where all the little ones have a turn.
 Tom and Joey encourage Darren to stay on the climbing frame. Then they run off to another part of the park to practise kicking the rugby ball.
The time has gone quickly and it is time to walk back to the hall so the mothers can collect their children on time.It has been a very happy day for all.