Monday, October 19, 2009

The Hitty Girls First Meeting

The Hitty girls are having their first meeting at the Kowhai Corner Hall. They want to start a group to help people living in their community. They have decided to name their group, HELPING HANDS GROUP.

 They discuss the opening of Kowhai Corner Hall and congratulate Annabelle for her quick thinking to get the ladder to help get Plchard down from the tree. Yasmin and Alana are thanked  for setting up and serving on the stall on the milk promotion day. Pat and Abigail were helping outside the hall looking after Harold and Brenda's children so that Harold and Brenda could meet the residents who came to the milk promotion day.

Pat has been nominated to be the leader of the Helping Hands Group for this year because she was the first Hitty to arrive at Kowhai Corner. Jill presents her with a plastic hand sign which will be put up outside the hall when they have their meetings so other residents will see that the hall is in use. The Hitty girls have disscussed their next "Helping Hand" offer of help and will speak to Steve about it to get his approval.

Pat and Jill make Steve an offer he can't refuse! They tell him that it was decided at the Helping Hands meeting that the Hitty girls would like to paint his truck. It was agreed at the meeting because Kowhai Corner is becoming popular and the truck should look a credit to the community. Steve chuckles and gives the go ahead for the girls to paint the truck. He will supply the paint.

They have started painting! Pat is painting the front, Jill is painting the sides, Edna is painting the inside of the trailer and Abigail is painting the back. They have put their aprons on but it is hot and they should have their sunhats on as well.

They have finished painting the undercoat on the truck. What a hot job that was. Stephie has arrived with some drinks and apples for the girls. Stephie thanks the girls for a well done job.

In the cool evening Steve and Stephie with Harold and Brenda come and inspect the painting. They are very pleased with the quality of the painting and are looking forward to see the truck with the top coat of paint on.

Early the next morning the Hitty girls paint the top coat on. Later in the afternoon, when the paint is dry, they climb in the truck to have their photo taken.
"HOORAY!" the Hitty girls yell, "We have finished."

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