Friday, October 16, 2009

The Unexpected Cow

Steve has received a phone call from a Farmer offering him a young cow that has had difficulty keeping its balance since it was born. The cow is unsteady on it's feet and it is unprofitable for the Farmer to provide for its treatment. Steve has accepted to take the cow as it will be company for the cow that he has brought and is due to come to Kowhai Tree Farm next month.

The Hitty girls have heard that a young cow has arrived at Kowhai Tree Farm. Edna, Serene and Thelma decide to take a walk to the farm and have a look at the new cow. The girls see the young cow lying down spread legged in the paddock.    As they walk closer it starts to struggle to stand up to it but it is unable to. Edna runs to find Steve to tell him.

Edna finds Steve in the barn and tells him the new cow is struggling to stand up. Steve comes back with her and tries to lift the cow to it's feet but is unable to. Steve tells the girls that the Vet is coming later this afternoon to inspect the cow and hopefully will be able to tell him why young cow has difficulty standing.

The girls are still at the farm when the Vet arrives to inspect the cow.Steve and the Vet lift the cow to its feet and coax it into the barn.The Vet gives the cow a calcium injection.

The Vet says after a course of calcium tablets the cow should improve considerably. The cow will always be unsteady on her feet but she will be able to keep her balance to stand and walk.


A week later the girls come back to visit the cow. Steve tells the girls the cow has been named Charlotte.   Charlotte hears the girls voices and walks out of the barn to greet them. Steve is pleased with her progress. Charlotte will have a good future here eating the luscious green grass on the farm.



Steve has been notified that the cow he has ordered is ready to be collected from the breeders farm. It is an Anchor breed of cow which is know as a prolific producer of milk. Steve is hoping this cow will produce enough milk for all the residents at Kowhai Corner. Steve and Harold go together to collect the Anchor cow in the truck.  They get her onto the back of the truck and discuss names for her as they drive back to Kowhai Tree Farm. They have decided to name the cow Anchor.

They arrive back at Kowhai Tree Farm Anchor is unloaded and taken to the paddock where Charlotte, the other cow is. It is hoped that the two cows will become good friends.

Anchor has settled in well and is producing lots of milk. The Hitty girls have arranged to have a stall at Kowhai Corner Hall on Sunday afternoon displaying the different types of milk that are being produced with Anchor's milk. The residents of Kowhai Corner have been invited to come and taste  the different types of milk and take home a free sample of their choice. Many of the residents have ordered milk to be delivered daily or two or three times a week to their homes.

Pat and Abigail are looking after Harold and Brenda's children so Harold and Brenda can welcome all the visitors into the hall and answer any questions they may have.

Harold has set up the outside table by the side of the hall for them to use. He tells the residents that Anchor is behind the hall and they are welcome to meet her and give her a pat. Pat and Abigail are trying to give the children a drink of milk at the table but they have other ideas. Harold's dog, Emma, is quite content to stay put and eat her bone.


Charlotte and Anchor are getting along well together.  Steve has decided to have a loan of a bull for a few weeks. Steve and Harold go to collect the bull from a different area. They load the bull onto the back of the truck and drive back to Kowhai Tree Farm where  Jill, Abigail and Ethel are waiting to see the bull.

They unload the bull and put him in the same paddock with Charlotte and Anchor.The bull is very sturdy and strong. The bull gets excited when he meets Charlotte and Anchor. He has taken a particular interest in Charlotte. Can you see the Anchor brand on Anchor? Jill, Abigail and Ethel will be telling the other Hitty girls what a fine looking bull he is.

Nine months and one week later Charlotte has a calf. Wow! That was a successful outcome. When Ethel, Jill and Annabelle hear the news about the new calf they run over to the farm to have a look. Steve tells them that Anchor's calf is due next week.

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