Monday, October 26, 2009

The New Residents Arrival

John Sunshine has harnessed Greylegs to the wagon ready to go to the edge of town to the Three Lights lamp stand bus stop to pick up the three, soon to be, new residents who want to live at Kowhai Corner.

At the Three Lights lamp stand bus stop Rachel sees John approaching and waves out to him.   John stops and greets Tricia, Joey and Rachel.

  John puts their bags in the wagon before he helps them into the wagon.   He tells Joey about Tom, a boy who is the same size as Joey who lives at Kowhai Corner and that Tom is looking forward to having a playmate.

As they past Kowhai Tree Farm John points out Charlotte, the cow, with her grown up calf, who is now bigger than Charlotte.   Anchor is also there with her grown up calf that looks  like Anchor.                                 

Thelma, Annabelle, Daisy and Abigail are at Kowhai Corner to welcome Tricia, Joey and Rachel.   John arrives back and helps Rachel and Tricia get down off the wagon .   Joey sees Tom and climbs down by himself.           

Tom  welcomes Joey  by inviting him back to his room where he meets William, on the rocking horse and Darren the two other boys at Kowhai Corner.   Tom has been waiting for a boy his size to move to Kowhai Corner so they can have some adventures together.  Joey is interested in having adventures together.

Daisy and the Hitty girls walk to Kowhai Corner Hall where the other Hitty girls are waiting to meet Tricia and Rachel.    The Hitty girls welcome Tricia and Rachel  and tell them that they are all going to sleep in the hall tonight.   Daisy leaves and tells the girls not to stay up too late talking because accommodation arrangements for Tricia and Rachel  have to be sorted out in the morning.                                                                                   


The Hitty girls admire Tricia's clothing.   They haven't seen a dress in that style before and none of them have a bonnet or combination underwear.   Tricia is only too willing to take her dress off and show off her underwear.   She will not take off her bonnet for the other girls to try on though.   In fact she goes to bed with it on!                                                                                         

In the morning there is a knock on the hall door.   Steve and Stephie are outside with Aunt Susan and her newborn son who arrived late last night and stayed with Steve, Stephie and family.   Aunt Susan meets the Hitty girls and tells them she is  going to help arrange accomadation for the new residents and keep a record of who is living at Kowhai Corner.

Aunt Susan has bought a cow with her! This breed of cow produces milk that her son can only drink. Aunt Susan asks if the cow, named Sweetheart, can join Steve's herd.  Steve accepts the cow graciously and takes the cow  to the paddock to join the other four cows.    Hmm, Steve doesn't  want another cow as his cows produce more than enough milk for the Kowhai Corner residents.
  Steve may open a Cafe at Kowhai Corner.   His sister, Selena, has already expressed her desire to open a Wool and Craft shop at Kowhai Corner.


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