Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Official Opening of Kowhai Corner Hall - 28.12.08

Steve, Harold and John Sunshine welcome Wendy, Bob the Builder's assistant, who has been invited to officially open the Kowhai Corner Hall. They are surprised that she has brought her cat, Pilchard with her.   The brothers moved the hall to Kowhai Corner and have done alterations to it for the Hitty girls to stay in until they find accommodation and for them to use for their meetings.

Steve gives Wendy the scissors so she can cut the ribbon and declare the hall open. Gretchen is standing at the side of the hall so she can keep an eye on Pilchard in case he decides to go exploring and gets lost.

Hitty Alana thanks Wendy and presents her with a bunch of flowers from all the Hitty girls. Alana thanks the Sunshine brothers for arranging to have the hall moved to Kowhai Corner and allowing it to be used by the community. The brothers have sanded, painted and put glass windows in the hall.

The guest cheer and clap to show their appreciation.

The Scottish family were invited to provide entertainment for approximately thirty minutes. The father plays the bagpipes; the mother plays the drum and the daughter sings and dances.

Some of the women and children from the local Maori tribe have arranged to sing and do action songs. They would like to use the hall once a week for flax weaving and crafts.

Everyone is invited to come into the hall for afternoon tea. The people discuss with Wendy that they would like to add some shops to this area. Meanwhile, Pilchard, thinks this is a good time to go and find the local cats.

Gretchen notices Pilchard leaving the hall. Pilchard finds Snowy, who is asleep and Woody who is delighted to meet Pilchard and wants to play.  Emma, Harold's dog, sees Pilchard by the cats and gets excited and bounds over  towards them barking. Pilchard gets a fright and runs and climbs the nearest tree.

Emma's barking has attracted two poodles over who also join in the barking at the base of the tree. Gretchen goes over to calm the dogs while Hitty Annabelle goes and gets a ladder. Annabelle climbs the ladder and reaches Pilchard who she passes to Gretchen. Gretchen carries Pilchard to Wendy.

Wendy thanks Gretchen and she gets in the car with Pilchard and Steve drives them to the airport. Some of the residents wave to them and sigh in relief that no harm has been done.

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