Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ruby's Bird Rescue Sanctuary

Ruby is the guest speaker at the Helping Hands October meeting.   Ruby operates a bird rescue sanctuary.   People bring in injured birds to Ruby and she looks after them until they are well enough to be released back to the area where they were found, if possible.   She lives on the coast so often gets sea birds brought to her.

Ruby has put her wall chart up about the Yellow-eyed penguin.   Ruby tells the Hitty girls that she is involved in the Save the Yellow-eyed Penguin project.   The wall chart has information all about the Yellow-eyed penguin's nesting and incubation, hatching, adult moulting, chick moulting, feeding and predators.

Annabelle has brought her big book Pippa The Fairy Penguin,  which was first published in 1974 and puts it up against the wall for the girls to see.   Annabelle enjoyed the book and would like to see a real penguin.

Annabelle tells Ruby she helps on Kowhai Tree Farm feeding the hens and collecting the eggs for Mr and Mrs Sunshine.   Ruby has also read the book and tells Annabelle she would be the ideal volunteer to have helping at the Bird Sanctuary.

Ammabelle gives Ruby a penguin ornament and a donation on behalf of all the Hitty girls at the Helping Hands meeting for coming  and sharing with them about her bird sanctuary and the Save the Yellow-eyed Penguin, project.

Ruby thanks the Hitty girls for inviting her to share and invites them to come to the bird sanctuary to see the penguins that are there at the moment.   The Hitty girls have accepted the invitation and will visit next weekend.

The next weekend... John is going to the Bird Sanctuary to mend cages and do some maintenance work and will take the Hitty girls on the back of the truck. Annabelle put a Save the Yellow-eyed penguin poster on the side of the truck. Ruby welcomes them when they arrive and John starts his maintenance work while Ruby starts showing the Hitty girls around the penguin area.

Ruby shows them the little blue penguin who is recovering from being mauled by a dog.

Another penguin has head injuries from a propeller of a boat.   He has a water proof hat on to keep his stitches dry.

The brown penguin has been resuced from an oil slick.   Ruby has bathed him once but it will take a few baths to get all the oil off his coat.

A lady saw the poster on the side of the truck and followed the truck to Ruby's Bird Sanctuary and has given a $5.00 donation.  It has the Yellow-eyed penguin on it!   Good on you, Annabelle for putting the poster on the side of the truck.   Annabelle is looking forward to start as a volunteer next weekend.


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