Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hitty Girls Babysit for Mothers to do Christmas Shopping

The Hitty girls decided at the November Helping Hands meeting that they would babysit preschoolers for mothers from 9am to 3pm next Tuesday so that the mothers can go and do some Christmas shopping without the children.

The Hitty girls arrive early on Tuesday morning at Kowhai Corner Hall to set up. The babies and toddlers start arriving at 8.40pm!   Brenda has arrived with three of her children.

Tricia greets Brenda and takes the children inside the hall and introduces them to the other children.

Aunt Susan has arrived with her baby and has offered to stay and help.  The Hitty girls want to look after the children on their own.Stephie arrives with Sweets and is welcomed by Annabelle.  

Stephie is passing Sweets to Annabelle when Daisy arrives with William.   Brenda, Stephie and Daisy are going shopping  together.

 The Hitty girls are busy with so many children to look after.

Two hours later at the hall, Tricia is trying to give Hope her bottle.   Annabelle is successfully giving Sweets her bottle and William is playing with a toy car.   Alana is putting a baby in her pram for a sleep.   Thelma is rocking one of the twins to sleep.  Jackie is happily playing with a teddy bear.    Aunt Susan has gone home because her baby was unsettled and kepted crying. The Hitty girls are pleased she has left.

Meanwhile at the Mall... Brenda, Stephie and Daisy have finished their shopping and have put it in the car.   They walk back to the Mall Cafe to have lunch.   They buy a drink each and a pizza to share.   Daisy is about to cut the pizza when Ruby and Selena arrive.

Ruby and Selena are invited to join them.    Daisy starts reminiscing about her life before she married John.

Daisy use to belong to an Ice Skating Club and performed in the end of year shows.

Daisy also learnt ballet and danced on the stage in public performances.

Daisy recalls when she attended High School Selena knitted a dress and Daisy modeled it and Selena won an award for her knitting.

Selena interrups to share that she met a new shearer at Kowhai Tree Farm recently and shows them his photo. The ladies gasp in surprise when Selena drescribes him as handsome and hopes to see him again! They want to know more but the time has moved on and it is time for Brenda, Stephie and Daisy to leave to pick up their children at the hall. They are going to ask the Hitty girls to babysit again!

Brenda, Stephie and Daisy arrive back at the hall at 2.55pm. The Hitty girls hear a car engine and look out the window very much relieved to see them return. It has been a challenging experience for the Hitty girls to look after so many pre schoolers at once. The mothers thank the Hitty girls and all go home happy.
Ed note The Hitty girls didn't expect babies and toddlers from another town to arrive!


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