Saturday, January 23, 2010

Richard's Motorbikes

 Richard is Steve's friend, who fixes and restores motorbikes - a two-wheeled vehicle that is driven by a petrol engine.   Richard has invited Steve to bring Joey and Tom to his place to see his motorbikes.


The first motorbike they look at has been made from recycled materials.   "Wow! exclaims Joey as he sits on the motorbike, "This is so neat."

 So is this one.

They walk to the garden where Richard has parked some other motorbikes.   "Brrm, brrm," says Tom as he climbs onto the seat of the motorbike and pretends to rev it up.

Steve can't resist any longer and starts this motorbike up and gives Joey and Tom a ride, separately, to the end of the street and back.

Joey sits on the biggest motorbike here today and can't reach the foot rests and handle bars.    Joey will have to grow a lot before he will be big enough to drive this motorbike.

The visit ends with Steve, Joey and Tom examining the tractor. The boys enjoy having turns siting on it.  Steve thanks Richard for inviting them
over to have a look at the motorbikes.  Joey and Tom talk about the bikes all the way home and will always remember this great day.

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