Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holiday Activities - January 2010

 Stephie,Sweets and Steve Sunshine are sitting, with Alana, Jill and Pat standing in between.   This photo was going to be the orginial blog photo, but I managed to take a better one.

Tricia and Thelma are looking at a model Viking ship made from bronze (no identification marks as to who made it).   Edna climbs in and looks around and thinks it would be scary to be out at sea in this boat.

 Thelma  climbs in after Edna gets out as there can only be one at a time in the boat.    Tricia wants to check out the other model boat on display.

This ship is a replica of Batavia 1602.

Tricia and Thelma visited  Fox Glacier where they each built a snowman and played in the snow.

Steve, Stephie and Sweets are going to travel in the covered wagon pulled by the Clydesdale horse and stay in the native bush for a week.

Abigail and Tricia admire the white Clydesdale horse.  (Beswick china)

  Abigail and Alana are waiting to get New Zealand All Black hero, Michael Jones's autograph.

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  1. This boat is awesome!

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