Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Visit to the Zoo - part 1

Some of the Hitty girls have decided to visit the zoo today.

When they arrive at the zoo they go to the grazer animals area.   They can walk right up to the zebra.

While they are admiring him two other zebras come over to see if the Hitty girls have any food for them.   There is a notice on the fence that says, Do Not Feed the Animals. The Hitty girls pat the zebras and then walk over to the elephant.

The elephant is walking towards a bush where the girls can hear a shuffling noise coming from behind it.

Behind the bush a baby elephant emerges and walks towards its' mother.

The baby elephant stands by his mother, lifts its' trunk and lets out a screech.  He is warning  the  girls to keep away from his mother!

The girls walk behind the mother elephant to the other side.  The baby elephant turns around and  raises his trunk again to give a screech.  "Come on," yells Yasmin, "Let's go before he charges us."

The girls run towards a herd of camels.

The camel attendant asks the girls if they would like a ride on a camel.   They all accept and have a ride around the camel enclosure.

The giraffes are in the next enclosure. The giraffes are the pride and joy of this zoo because they have bred an albino giraffe.    Rachel accepts the branch from the attendant and holds it up for the albino giraffe which is walking towards her.

The albino giraffe puts his tongue out and wraps it around the branch and eats it all.

The girls are hungry now and decide to go the zoo cafe for lunch.   After lunch Yasmin asks Rachel "Where's your shoulder bag?"   "Oh! no! I took it off when I fed the giraffe." replies Rachel.  

Rachel goes back to the giraffe enclosure and finds her bag!

Rachel runs back to the other girls who have been waiting for her and she tells them where she found her bag!   They all laugh and laugh...

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