Thursday, September 18, 2014

Special Delivery of No 12


The Hitty girls are getting the hall ready for their meeting. Today a couple with their baby from South Africa are coming to speak to them about their way of life in South Africa.
Suddenly, a parcel drops from an aeroplane right in front of Kowhai Corner Hall! The aeroplane does not stop and continues flying away from the hall.

Alana quickly notifies Steve Sunshine and he arrives with Greylegs and the cart to collect the parcel. Steve tells the Hitty girls that a new boy has arrived known as number 12.  His now given name is Todd and he will rest at Steve and Stephie’s house until he has recovered and then he will be introduced to all the Hitty girls. Steve leaves the girls wondering what the new boy, Todd will look like.
Alana sees the South African family arriving and goes and to meet them. She welcomes them to the Hitty's Helping Hands meeting at Kowhai Corner Hall.

The Father  tells the Hitty girls that they live a nomadic life and  live in a tribe. They are very pleased to have been invited to speak at the meeting and are looking forward to be shown around Kowhai Tree Farm.
 After they have both spoken and Alana thanks them for speaking they have a milo or orange juice.

Hannah arrives with a plate of hokey pokey biscuits and a plate of meringues with whipped cream. The family are going to stay with Hannah and Luke.

Editor’s Note: The male doll has on his back in a circle, Made in South Africa, Johannesburg, Cat 22, Pml ----1321. I can’t see any identification on the female doll.


  1. Well we can hardly wait to see the new boy todd! Did your little African dolls actually come from a trip to Africa? Hope you'll come read some of my doll's stories sometime, would love to have you visit.
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

    1. I am not sure where the dolls came from originally. I have had them for 30 plus years. There is an identification mark on the back of the man doll but I can't read it! I am going to visit your site now.

  2. A new boy arrived here as well! How exciting.

    Sounds like they had a very interesting talk.

    1. I will look forward to the appearance of your boy at Rose Cottage.