Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Unwanted Lamb

Brian, the Vet was at the consulting rooms one morning when a farmer arrived with a lamb. The farmer tells Brian that the mother to the lamb has died and he does not have time to hand rear the lamb and asks Brian if he knows of anyone who could care for the lamb.
Brian replies that he will ring Selena Sunshine and ask if she would like to care for the lamb. Selena is delighted to receive Brian’s phone call inquiring whether she would like to care for the lamb and of course says she will care for the lamb.

Selena loves the lamb as soon as she sees it and thanks Brian for bringing it to Kowhai Tree Farm.  Selena works and stays in the city Monday to Thursday so she asks Ethel and Jill if they will bottle feed the lamb Monday to Thursday while she is working.

Ethel and Jill accept to feed the lamb and come to Kowhai Tree Farm where Selena shows them how to bottle feed the lamb and to make it comfortable in the barn. The lamb will enjoy the company of the hens.

Selena notices that one of the hens eggs have hatched. Selena rings Brenda and invites her and her five children to come and visit in the afternoon to see the new lamb and chickens. Spring is such a nice time of the year with the arrival of young animals.


  1. I'm so glad the lamb will be well taken care of, what caring dolls! ;-)
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

    1. Thanks. I was waiting to borrow one the same but it didn't eventuate. I wanted it to be twin lambs in the story. Perhaps next spring!!