Saturday, November 8, 2014

Todd meets the Boys

Steve Sunshine takes the parcel home that contains casting number 12. He carefully takes him out of the postal package and puts him together. Steve tells him he has arrived safely and his new life will begin in the morning.

Steve tells him his name is Todd and he will feel nice and warm after a bath and hopefully his colour will appear during the night while he is sleeping.


The next morning Steve goes into the bedroom where Todd is sleeping and sees that Todd has his colour and asks him how he is feels. Todd replies he feels weak and is pleased he can now see.

Steve has brought his clothes into the bedroom and helps Todd get dress. Todd’s shirt is a bit big.
Stephie made the shirt using Joey’s shirt pattern. The family are waiting to have breakfast with you.

Todd is introduced to the girls Sharon, Sweets and Hayley (the dog).  Stephie tells the children that they are going to visit Auntie Daisy, Uncle John and the boys this morning.
John Sunshine and family also live on Kowhai Corner Farm in their own house. So Steve and family walk over to their house. Todd meets Joey, Tom and William and they go to their bedroom. Tom shows Todd the painted balsam wood aeroplane he and Joey have put together and painted. Joey shows Todd the new Tomas the Tank engine he has. William is happy playing with the wooden train.

Daisy has brought her guitar with her so they all join in for singing before they have their lunch.
Editor's Note: The doll named William was brought the year Prince William was born.




  1. Well, it's good to see Todd has arrived safely and has even got a little color after a good nights rest, hopefully after breakfast he will feel right as rain!! Cute doll ;-)
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  2. Thanks, I will make another shirt that fits him.