Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pat Is Thinking about 2006

Pat is sitting in the autumn sun thinking about the time she arrived at Kowhai Corner she is sitting on a bench seat that was made for the Hitty girls to use when they arrived at Kowhai Corner.  It was made especially for them when a friend heard that Hitty girls were coming to live at Kowhai Corner.  Pat was the third Hitty girl to arrive and she brought her teddy and book with her.

Thelma and Selena were the first Hitty girls to arrive at Kowhai Corner.  They arrived undressed but enclosed with them was a pattern to make their underwear.  There was a dress each ready made for them  that they could wear when they arrived.   The outside chairs were brought especially for them to use.  Thelma and Selena were given a very warm welcome by the Maori  ladies and the Maori children who sang and did Maori action songs together.

Edna and Yasmin arrived next within a few days of each other. Edna arrived undressed.  Yasmin arrived fully dressed and brought her toy kangaroo, her passport and some money with her. The plastic canvas chair and footstool with two cushions and cloth doll arrived shortly after for the Hitty girls to use.

Alana, Annabelle and Abigail were expected to be the first Hitty girls to arrive but they were delayed and arrived five months later! They arrived undressed with a pattern each for a dress and a piece of material to make the dress. Steve Sunshine repainted a wooden couch blue and gave it to the girls to have in Kowhai Corner Hall where the Hitty girls live in the attic. Pat remembers hearing (in 2006) that the Hitty girls were going to get a Hitty bench . Pat wonders when that will be.
Steve Sunshine also delivered an unpainted rocking horse and told the Hitty girls if they would like it painted they can do it themselves! The Hitty girls never did decide who would paint it and it has been in the attic since but it does get well used by all the girls.


Pat’s thoughts are interrupted by the chooks making a noise and she turns and sees John Sunshine walking towards her with his spade on the way to do some gardening. John greets Pat and Pat asks him if he knows anything about the Hitty bench that was supposed to be coming for the Hitty girls to use.  John tells Pat that it was on his list to make but during the following years more chairs have arrived at the hall and he thought that the Hitty girls had enough chairs in the hall to use.  Pat replies the Hitty girls would still love to have a bench especially made for them.  John answers,” Well, I will look at the plan I have for the Hitty bench and see what I can do about it this year.”  “Oh! Pat exclaims with excitement, “Let me be the first to know when you make it!”




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  1. So wonderful to read the stories of how your Hitty girls arrived at Kowhai corner. Love that the Maori ladies and children welcomed them. Funny to see them as I posted a picture of my little Maori family yesterday (minus two that were in my studio that I forgot!).