Saturday, March 2, 2013

Holiday Activities 2013

Pat, Jill and Ethel are looking after some pet rabbits while the owner is away having a holiday for two weeks. Ethel should be holding the rabbit before it jumps off her lap.  Jill is going to pick up the lop eared rabbit so she can clean the rabbit hutch. Pat is watching the three rabbits in the run. 

Annabelle and Rachel have been squeezing oranges and selling orange juice near the car park of the National Park all this week to raise money for the Whio, a New Zealand endangered duck,to help protect the Whio’s breeding grounds so that the duck will have a better future.

Thelma and Serene have spent time together playing with their new Lego Friends sets.  Thelma has the set 41019 which is a turtle with its own play area.  Serene’s set is No 41018 and is of a cat with its own play area.

Serene has been re potting plants during the holidays.

Joey is playing with his Fun Ho toys which were made in NZ. He has a yellow bulldozer/grader, an aqua trailer, a red tractor and a white trailer.

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  1. So glad to read the girls are working on raising money for NZ's endangered duck, nice to know they are working on protecting the wildlife.

    Cute rabbits!