Monday, March 18, 2013

A Walk Around the Lake

The Hitty girls had a Helping Hands meeting in February and Yasmin announced that she was resigning as the leader of the Hitty Helping Hands Group.  She suggested Alana would make a good leader for this year.  Alana was shocked that Yasmin would suggest her in front of all the other girls and declined saying she is too shy to be a leader.  After a lot of discussion no one else volunteered to be the leader so the meeting ended without a leader chosen.  Yasmin  set the date for the next meeting in March and has said someone needs to come forward then to be the new leader.

The Hitty girls are at the March meeting and Yasmin has been alongside Alana and encouraged her to take on the leadership before the March meeting so Alana has now agreed. Yasmin passes the helping hand sign over to her to confirm her leadership for this year and hopes Alana will enjoy her leadership role.Alana announces that they will go for a walk around the lake next weekend and she hopes they will all come and bring their lunch with them.

 The following weekend…The Hitty girls are at the lake and are looking at the frogs.  
They walk around a bit further and they see the pukekos scratching around looking for food.

Further round the lake they can see the goldfish swimming near the surface, who are hoping they will get something to eat from the people visiting the lake.


Alana suggests they stop for lunch when she sees the bench seat and promptly sits down on the bench. Well, she is carrying the biggest bag! The others gather around and sit down to eat their lunch. The ducks are getting bolder and are coming closer looking for some bread.Some of the Hitty girls don’t like the ducks coming so close. Alana suggests they eat first and then feed the ducks with the extra bread they have brought for that purpose.

 Suddenly Edna stands up and points to the swans on the lake that have come into view. They are so beautiful she exclaims.

They have finished eating their lunch and they share out the stale bread slices they have brought with them to feed the ducks.  They each break up their slices of bread and throw it on the ground and in the lake.  Annabelle notices that there are not many ducks here today and she doesn’t see any Whio or Pateke ducks.
They enjoy the rest of the time at the lake looking at the shrubs and trees before they leave to go home.











  1. Wonderful to see them all thinking and working together and then enjoying their picnic. Just love the little pukekos!

    1. Thanks, I need a bigger lake next time!