Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Rugby World Cup 2015

Todd and Joey have spent the morning practising their passing and kicking with the football.

This afternoon they are going to Kowhai Corner Hall to help set up so they can watch the Rugby World Cup.

Steve has arrived and is setting the TV up so they can watch the Rugby World Cup series. Selena has also arrived and has brought in two black cushions. The boys help with the decorations. There will be enough chocolate for everyone to have a piece!

The boys are the first to arrive that evening to watch the first Rugby game.

This is a scan of the All Blacks micro-figures 2015, NZ Rugby Players this year who are competing for the Rugby World Cup.

The Hitty girls have arrived to watch the All Blacks play France, (18.10.15 NZ time). The All Blacks won, 62 to NZ and 13 to France.

After watching the game on TV Ethel shows Joey her micro figure All Black, Beauden Barrett.

Ethel sets out the two puzzle pieces and the photo of all the micro figures of the 30 All Blacks that have gone to England to play in the Rugby World Cup Series. The puzzle pieces make a rugby field.

Joey has passed the micro figure to Todd and Todd says to Joey I hope we can get micro figure.

Update… It is now later in the morning of 25 October 2015. Early, 4 am in the morning, New Zealand time the All Blacks played the Springboks, South Africa and won by 2 points. The score  was 20-18. The boys and the Hittys girls ate all the chocolate that was remaining during the rugby game which they watched on TV. The boys have been to New World supermarket and both have bought a micro mini All Black figure. 

Today is Sunday, 1st November and the Hitty girls, Joey and Todd have just watched the final game in the Rugby World cup. Australia and New Zealand were playing and the score was 34 to the All Blacks and 17 to the Wallabies. At the end of the game the Hitty girls, Joey and Todd jump, shout and raise their hands because the All Blacks have won. It is the first time a country has won the cup twice running.


  1. Hope they enjoyed the first game - my lot did! :-)

  2. Yes they did. Sorry England is out but looking forward to know who will win the cup.