Monday, April 27, 2015

ANZAC 2015

The Hitty girls are at Kowhai Corner hall working on a knitting project. Alana has asked the girls to be involved in the World War 1 – Centenary Poppy Project. The project is for the National Army Museum who would like people to knit poppies to represent every soldier who died in the war.Alana, centre is wearing a poppy she made before she knew about the knitting idea.


Alana has got the pattern from Knit World and there are two styles of knitted poppies on the form so you can choose which style you would like to knit. The Hitty girls are really enthusiastic and they cast on the stitches and start knitting. Snowy the cat is watching the moving balls of wall and is deciding which one to play with.
 Woody, the other cat, is on the other side of the hall and he too is ready to play with a ball of wool.
An hour later some of the girls have finished knitting their poppies. They sew a safety pin on the back and some girls have sewn a black button in the middle and some girls use black wool to sew in the centre of their poppies.Edna has brought some Anzac biscuits to have for afternoon tea. She gets them out of the storage seat to share around. She didn’t want the other girls to know she had brought them because they would have eaten them before they started the knitting.

Tricia and Jill serve the drinks.

The girls who have finished their poppies have put them on. The girls will each knit another poppy to donate to the National Army Museum.

On 25th March Ethel, Jill and Alana go to the Memorial Service. This year celebrates 100 years from when the New Zealand soldiers landed on Gallipoli.

It is a time to remember the soldiers who did not come back from the war.




  1. So good to see you here in blogland again! My goodness those ladies are so wonderfully civic minded, I love the little poppies, very cute.
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

    1. Thanks. I have another story idea but need to make clothing first!