Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Hitty Girls Babysit the Sunshine Children 2012

The Hitty girls decided at the November Hitty Helping Hands meeting to babysit the Sunshine children of Steve and Stephie, Harold and Brenda and John and Daisy from 9 am to 3 pm next Saturday.  The Hitty girls are going to take the children to Sculpture Park in the morning for a play on the equipment and come back to the hall for lunch.

Next Saturday Yasmin, Thelma and Serene arrive early to set up the hall.

Stephie arrives first with her daughter, Sharon and Daisy’s baby, William. Thelma takes William while Stephie goes back to the car to get Sweets. Daisy has parked the car behind Kowhai Corner Hall.


Brenda arrives next with her five children and she is ready to go Christmas shopping with Daisy and Stephie.

Stephie has returned with Sweets crying in the push chair and  Joey helps to comfort  her.  Joey and Tom are foster children who live with Daisy. They didn’t want to come today to be with the Hitty girls but Daisy said they can watch and help the younger children when they are playing  at Sculpture Park.

Daisy, Stephie and Brenda get into the car and travel towards the city to do some Christmas shopping and have a coffee at a Café.  They are hoping Selena and Ruby will meet them at the Cafe.

The Hitty girls assemble the children into a line to walk to Sculpture Park. Yasmin and Alana stay at the hall to prepare sandwiches and drinks for everyone when they come back for lunch.


 They arrive at Sculpture Park and the girls want a turn on the swings.  The boys run off to the climbing equipment. Sharon is interested in the buttercups that are growing on the lawn.

The Hitty girls take the children to the Maypole and do a dance for them.  They get a girl each and show the girls how to do a maypole dance which the little girls enjoy. Two of the babies have started crying so they must be hungry. Pat calls the boys to come back and they all walk back to the hall for some lunch.

Yasmin and Alana have made the sandwiches and have orange juice or milk for the children to drink.
Meanwhile in the city, Brenda, Daisy and Stephie have finished their Christmas shopping and have put the presents in the car. They walk to the Café and see Selena and Ruby there having a coffee and a whole chocolate cake is on their table! Brenda quickly sits on the empty chair and Daisy and Stephie get a chair from another table and sit down. They order their drinks and start finding out what everyone has been doing during the year... and that is another story!

At the hall the children have finished their lunch.Tricia and Edna have gone to wash the dishes. Yasmin reads the children The Christmas Story off the poster on the wall. Alana and has given out a cardboard stand up picture of the Angels, Joseph and Mary, baby Jesus and a shepherd to the children. When Yasmin says the name of the picture they are holding the child goes and puts it on the front table.

Yasmin has finished the story and are having a discussion when they hear a car pull up alongside the hall. Stephie, Brenda and Daisy have arrived to collect their children. They thank the Hitty girls for babysitting today.



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