Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Annabelle's New Knitted Dress

Annabelle and Rachel are feeding the last birds at Ruby’s Bird Rescue where they do voluntary work at the weekends. They are in the kiwi enclosure with the injured kiwis that will be set free once they have recovered.

Ruby comes over to them and tells them that she wants to go and visit Selena Sunshine at Kowhai Tree Farm. Ruby offers to take them home on the back of her motor scooter if they would like to visit Selena with her first.

 Of course they both accept because they love having a ride on the back of the motor scooter.

Selena is in her bedroom knitting when Ruby, Annabelle and Rachel arrive.  Selena is delighted Ruby has brought Annabelle and Rachel with her because she has recently finished knitting two dresses with her new Hitty girls pattern.  


Selena opens the wardrobe door to show them the new knitted dresses.  Annabelle likes the long purple one.  Rachel doesn’t like the short orange knitted dress.

Selena asks Annabelle to try the purple knitted dress on.  Annabelle loves it and says she would like it.  Rachel says she would like one the same.  Selena gives the dress to Annabelle and says to Rachel she will knit her one the same. Annabelle and Rachel go home to Kowhai Corner Hall and tell the other Hitty girls about the new dresses. Abigail says she will visit Selena tomorrow because she would like to see the orange dress.

Meanwhile Selena and Ruby have a good chat about their boyfriends and other things they have been doing since they were last together.


The next morning Abigail visits Selena and tries on the orange dress. Abigail loves the dress and wants to buy it. When Abigail arrives back at Kowhai Corner Hall wearing er new dress and the other Hitty girls admire it and  go to Selena's to order a knitted dress for themselves.  Selena is so pleased.


  1. The dresses look fabulous and I am glad Abigail likes the orange one. I love this pattern and made an orange one for Hitty Ethel. I've only made one so far though.

  2. I saw your lovely orange knitted dress on the Hitty Yahoo site.