Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer Helping Hands Meeting 2012

The Hitty girls are having their meeting at the end of the January summer holidays. Yasmin is the leader and she has taken along a new sign that they can use when they are in the hall and when they are out helping in the community they can take it with them if it is suitable. The Hitty girls like the new sign better than the previous one.

Yasmin asks the group if they have any ideas on how they can help the community this year. Yasmin tried to organise some of the Hitty girls to take the young children to the pool complex during the holidays but she could never find enough helpers for that idea to eventuate.

Annabelle and Tricia went to an Australian Wildlife Park during the holidays.  Before the meeting Tricia asked Yasmin  if she could show her photos and share about the visit to the group.Yasmin has consented and added that all the Hitty girls like animals.

The first photo she shows is of a crocodile. The crocodile is a large tropical reptile with a broad head and tapering snout with massive jaws and a thick outer covering of bony plates. In the enclosure is  a statue of Steve Irwin in memory of his adventures with he had with the crocodiles and other wildlife animals when he was alive.

At the Australian Wildlife Park there was an enclosure where you could pat the wallaby and Koala… that is if you could reach the Koala in the tree.

They saw a big frog, (or is it a cane toad?) and a platypus swimming in the stream.

Annabelle was delighted to see a blue penguin.

They had a good view of the turtle when it swam by the waters edge.

They admired the brass sculpture of two birds by the exit gate.
Yasmin thanked Tricia for showing the group her photos. The meeting ended with afternoon tea of  cinnamon and sugar donuts, orange juice, cup of tea or a drink of milk. 

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