Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Alana, April and Rachel are going to the Anzac parade and service to remember the New Zealand soldiers who fought in the wars and did not return home.

"To those who fought and have fallen."

Alana, Abigail and Rachel are sitting in front of the programme for the 10 am service on 25.4.12.

ANZAC DAY 25.4.11

Annabelle and Edna attended the Anzac service in 2011 and took their poppies.

After the 2010 Anzac service Thelma and Serene laid their poppies down in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives at war.

                                                    ANZAC DAY 25.4.07

Woody, the cat followed Alana and Annabelle to the Anzac Day service.

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