Saturday, December 10, 2011

Helping Hands Meeting December 2011

This is the last meeting of the year for the Hitty girls.   Yasmin tells the group that we call ourselves the Helping Hands Group but we haven’t helped any one this year.   Has anyone any ideas who we could help?   A discussion starts and a few ideas are mentioned.   The most popular idea is to offer to take the White sisters poodles for a walk. Those who are interested to do that are to meet at the hall on Saturday at 1.30 pm.  We will go together to the Whites sisters’ home.

On Saturday the Hitty girls arrive at the agreed time and go to the White sisters’ home.  When they arrive they see the sisters outside putting leads on the dogs so that the dogs are ready for the Hitty girls to take for a walk.
The White sisters are renowned for their high quality poodles at the shows they attend. They have been breeding poodles for decades. Thesisters are elderly and find exercising their dogs daily is very demanding.

The younger Miss White asks Thelma to post some letters for her and gives one to the dog to carry.

Abigail has chosen Goldie to walk and Alana will walk Bow.

Ethel likes the pink poodles and is having difficulty deciding which one to take for a walk.

Annabelle and Rachel have chosen to walk standard poodles.  Rachel chooses the one  begging in front of  her.

Tricia will also walk one of the standard poodles but he has other ideas and he starts running as soon as the lead is clipped onto his collar. 

 Tricia’s bonnet has blown off and the poodle keeps running ahead so she can’t stop to pick it up. She hopes someone will see it and pick it up for her.   

Thelma posts the letters that were given to her by Miss White. 

 On her way back to Miss White's house she sees something blowing in the wind.   The poodle also sees it also and pulls on the lead towards it, "Oh, it's a bonnet!" she exclaims and the poodle picks it up and carries it home.

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