Sunday, December 11, 2011


Thelma and Edna singing "Away in the Manger."

Happy Christmas and enjoy the holidays from Kowhai Corner residents.

Happy Holidays 2012

Yasmin and Pat are relaxing during the holidays and have put up a poster with some advice to all during the holidays.

Abigail and Peggy are playing with pet rats.

Tom and Joey have made an aeroplane from a balsam  wood kitset.  They cut out the pieces with a craft knife and glued the pieces together.  Darren has been an interested on looker during the process.   Tom has painted the under coat on and would like to paint it yellow.  Joey wants it to be grey and Darren wants it to be red!   What colour will they agree on?

Tricia received a soft toy Koloa for a Christmas present.
Annabelle and Tricia are playing with their soft toys.

Joey goes on a twilight hot air balloon ride.

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