Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wooden Pull Along Toys

Thelma and Serene are looking at the wooden pull along toy display.

The first one they look at is an elephant.

Next is the big red and pink rabbit.

Serene gives the duck a cuddle.

Serene and Thelma sit down and play with the friendly dog.

Serene and Thelma climb on the Buzzy Bee Twirly Whirly to have a ride.   The  rabbit has no wheels so he can't pull them along.

The ladybird would give them a ride if she could fly, but she can't.

They can't climb on the turtle's back.  The turtle was made in 2010.

The grasshopper has strong back legs but his back is too narrow for them to sit on for a ride.

This is another friendly dog the girls can pat.

These dogs tell Thelma and Serene that there is only one more toy to see.

The last toy is a push along toy.   The drummer boy plays his drum when he is pushed along.

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