Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wooden Dolls

Left to right;  Pennywood is 29cm high she came with a paper clothes pattern for the purchaser to make the clothes.  Next doll was made by R. E. Jeffreys, my uncle, in 1985 as a special request.  It came without a face so I painted the face on.  It is 29cm high. The one wearing a blue floral dress and bonnet has a painted pink face and arms and I brought it in 1985 undressed.  It is 28cm high and I was told it was made by a lady in New Zealand.   The one on the far right was made by my uncle in 1985 at the same time as the other wooden doll and she also came without a face so I painted the face.   It is 26.5cm high.

Mary lou dolls.  The one on left has a cream head, which could have originally been white and is 17cm from head to feet.   The one on right is 18cm long from head to feet.  I also have one with a pink head.

 XV An Antique Peg Doll Looking Through A Miniature Rosewood Chest. This blank card has Ward Mason Hill Design 1996, made in New Zealand on the back.


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