Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nunodoll Swap 2011


The local Maori Culture Group of ladies and their pre-school children meet every Tuesday at Kowhai Corner Hall. They do a variety of crafts, weaving with flax, singing and action songs.   The children are playing a stick game.

 The Nunodoll Maori maiden has just finished  weaving  her kete that she is going to take with her to Florida.

  The Ladies and children are wearing their National Costume dress today because they are going to farewell the nunodoll today with a Maori action song because this is her last day at Kowhai Corner.

The Maori maiden nunodoll has her things ready to put in her kete to take with her. The things she will take with her include a poster of Hamilton, New Zealand, to show the Hittys and nunodolls in Florida where she was born, her kiwiana book and her big toy kiwi. She is excited to go to Florida to live but she is also sad to leave her Maori culture friends behind.

Yasmin and Nuno Hitty Holly have also come to farewell her as she is about to leave Kowhai Corner to go to the airport.   Nuno Hitty Holly is wandering what the swap nunodoll coming from Florida will look like.   Nuno Hitty Holly is going to  be her friend and tell her she came to
Kowhai Corner last year as a swap.


Two weeks later the nunodoll from Florida arrives and she is a beautiful ballerina.

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