Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hitty Meeting April 2011

There is great excitement amongst the Hitty girls about the coming wedding of Prince William and Kate which will take place in two weeks time. Yasmin has organised for a London Tower Bridge Guard to come and speak at the April Helping Hands meeting .

The London Tower Bridge Guard  has come to the meeting to talk about his job and about the wedding arrangements that are been made for Prince Williams and Kate's wedding. He is going to be involved on the day of the Royal Wedding .

The London Tower Bridge Guard has brought some London items to show the Hitty girls.   A special item he has brought to the meeting  is a view master reel of Princess Alexandra's wedding which was at Westminster Abbey, London in 1963.   There was blue carpet in the Abbey and she travelled in a black coach after the wedding ceremony drawn by four white horses which had many straps on their bodies which were attached to the coach that they looked like zebras!   Edna looks at the view master first and passes it on for the other girls to look at.The Hitty girls have decide they will come to Kowhai Corner Hall and watch the Royal Wedding on the T.V. and have a sleep over.

The following friday evening, 29 April 2011 the Hitty girls come back to Kowhai Corner Hall to watch the Royal Wedding on T.V.

Fifteen minutes after the televised Royal Wedding started in walk Luke and Hannah. Hannah has cooked a wedding cake for them to have for supper and Luke carried in a small table and a bottle of coke and some glasses.

The Hitty girls eat their supper after the Royal Wedding finishes. They stack the chairs along the wall then snuggle up under their blankets and go to sleep… after some talking.

During the night Alana wakes because she hears a scratching sound nearby. She opens her eyes and sees a rat! “Arr” she screams and jumps up causing Pat to wake and she sits up. The rat is by the table eating the left over wedding cake.
“I am so hungry,” the rat squeals “I haven’t eaten in two days.”
“Well, help yourself, but please leave quietly so the others don’t see you.” whispered Alana as she crawls back into bed and rolls over back to sleep.  Pat also lies down and goes back to sleep.

In the morning the Hitty girls wake and they fold their blankets, take the posters down and arrange the chairs around the walls before they leave the hall. None of the other girls were aware that they had had a visitor during the night.  Pat and Alana don't want to scare the other girls so they keep the rats visit to themselves.

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