Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Grandpa Jonathan and Grandma Esther's Family

Grandpa Jonathan and Grandma Esther’s family have  arrived and will stay with them until they can all find a house to live in.

The Grandparents show their son, Thomas and his wife, Sarah and their two children, Alice and Simon around the property they are renting at the moment. Getting close to the cows and drinking fresh cow’s milk is a new experience for them all.

The cows are quiet and the family are able to pat them.

The men will share the milking duties each day.

The horse has been watching the family with the cows and allows them to come close. The family hope to be able to ride the horse in the future.

Grandma Esther and Sarah take the children to where the hens are and collect the eggs.

They meet together again and have a picnic lunch by the river. They can see that there are a lot of fish in the river so they will be back again another day to do some fishing.

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