Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Grandpa Jonathan and Grandma Esther Visit Wallace Tea Shop

The Lundby Family arrived at Kowhai Corner in January 2016. They traveled  from Australia. Their house was also supposed to arrive and be set up near the Kowhai Tree Farm Property. The house  got lost on the journey to Kowhai Corner so they will stay with the Sunshine Family until they decide what to do and where to live.

Today they are going for a drive to Wallace Tea Shop in the 1931 Ford Model A.

Grandpa Jonathan hasn’t driven there before so they are both looking forward to the trip

They had been travelling for nearly an hour when the engine goes putt, putt, putt and the car stops. Grandpa opens the bonnet of the car to check the engine. He sees that the water container is empty. An old man who has been fishing walks by.

Grandpa Jonathan tells him he needs some water for the car. The old man tells him that the Tea Shop is nearby and he will be able to get some water there for the car.

Grandpa Jonathan and Grandma Esther walk in the direction they were instructed to and come across the Chinese stone warriors.They know they are getting closer to the Tea rooms.

They arrive at the Tea Shop and the lady at the window calls out to them to go to the front entrance.

At the front of the Tea rooms is a friendly man having a cup of tea. He tells Grandpa Jonathan and Grandma Esther he lives nearby of a sheep farm.

One of his sheep and lamb are nearby and are unafraid of Grandma Esther when she goes close to pat them. Grandpa Jonathan tells the man about their house not arriving at Kowhai Corner Farm. The man tells Grandpa Jonathan that there is a cottage on his farm and they are welcome to rent it until they get a house.  The farmer gives Grandpa Jonathan the instructions how to get to the empty house and invites them to come when they have had a cup of tea.

The local farmer leaves with his sheep. The Tea room’s lady brings out a cup of tea and a plate of chocolate chip biscuits. They enjoy relaxing after the Tea lady also brings out a bottle of water for the car.  A kiwi arrives and plays the bagpipes.  The music is loud but it is enjoyed.

Grandpa Jonathan and Grandma Esther take up the offer to visit the farmer and have a look at the house to rent.

They notice the chimney so know there is a fire place inside.They look inside and like the house.

They are delighted with the house and tell the farmer that their married son, wife and two children also need accommodation.. The farmer replies if they would like to live in the house with them that will be alright, the more the merrier, the Farmer adds with a big smile. So it is agreed that they can move in as soon as possible.

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