Monday, August 13, 2012

A Zoo Visit - 2012

Pat and Alana are visiting the Zoo.  Alana wants to look at the animals she missed seeing on her last visit to the Zoo.

They are very impressed by the big black rhinoceros from Africa which has come close to the fence.

The Impalas are an antelope found in Southern and Eastern African.  They have lyre-shaped horns and are able to move with enormous leaps.

The Alana and Pat get close to the Canadian black bear, which is a plantigrade (walking with the entire sole of the foot touching the ground as in man and bear) mammal typically having a large head, a long shaggy coat and strong claws.

Alana and Pat sit down and watch the giraffe eating the leaves of the tree. The giraffe is a large ruminant mammal inhabiting savannahs of tropical Africa. It is the tallest mammal with very long legs and neck.

The girls think the fox cubs are so cute.

The baboon has an elongated muzzle, large teeth and a fairly long tail. 

The Pandas are enjoying the sun.  Pandas live in the forests of China and eat bamboo.

The girls sit down and watch the meerkats. A zoo keeper is in enclosure counting the baby meerkats.

Alana and Pat can hear a scratching noise.  Alana looks down at the rubbish bin and tells Pat that she thinks the noise is coming from the rubbish bin.  Alana opens the rubbish bin lid and inside is a hedgehog.   Alana tips the rubbish bin onto the seat and the hedgehog is able to walk out.   They didn’t expect to see a hedgehog at the zoo!

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  1. Wonderful, what a lovely experience they have seeing so many different wild animals!