Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Overnight Camp

After the Helping Hands meeting where Jeanette and Gretal spoke about moas, Alana and Annabelle talked well into the night discussing how they would like to go to the back of Kowhai Tree Farm and look for moa bones.

The next morning they  asked Joey if he would like to come with them on an overnight camp and have a dig  for moa bones. Joey was keen and asked if Tom could come too and the girls agreed he could.   Joey goes to Scouts so he knows how to set and read a compass, tie a variety of knots, make a fire and  boil water.

 They all go together to ask Steve Sunshine if they can camp overnight at the back of his farm. Steve  gives his permission for them to stay out for one night providing  they are back at his house the next day before it gets dark and they are not to climb  the big rocks. 

 The children agree and  meet the following morning with the things they will need for the overnight camp.  Joey and Tom have been this way before so they lead the way walking towards the back of the farm.

After a couple of hours of walking across the rough ground they stop for a rest. They have a drink and eat the biscuits they have brought with them. Feeling refreshed they set off again.

They continued walking for another hour when Joey calls out, " I can see the big rocks." They stop and look around and decide to set up their tent and stay here for the night. Joey gathers some wood for a fire while the others struggle to put up the tent.

The tent was up when Joey called out and said the billy of water on the fire is boiling. They each make themselves a cup of hot milo to have with their marmite sandwiches. Tom says it's about 30 minutes walk from here to the river where they can start digging for moa bones. They are too tired to walk any more today so will go there in the morning. Alana says she wants to climb the big rocks to see what's on the other side. "We are not allowed to." reminds Annablle. It is getting dark so they put potatoes in the dying ashes of the fire to eat tomorrow morning and the girls go into the tent to sleep. They boys say they will sleep outside the tent and watch the dying fire.

The girls wake first in the morning and go to the cold fire to find the potatoes. They move the cold ashes around with sticks but cannot find them. The boys wake and see what the girls are doing and confess that they ate them last night for a mid- night feast!

Alana insists she is going to climb the big rocks to have a look at the other side. So Joey advises Annabelle and Tom to clear up the camp site and he will go with Alana.
Wow!” she yells when she reaches the top, " There's a big egg over there. I am going over to have a closer look. "Wait for me. I'll coming too." yells back Joey.


When they get closer to a big egg they see a door. “Someone lives in here,“ Alana says as they cautiously peep through the door way.
She recognizes the rabbit cushion on the bed as one that Selena has made. A fantail flitters around tweeting excitedly. Suddenly, a loud noise like thumping on the ground starts and continues. Alana and Joey quickly run back to the big rocks, climb over and run to the campsite. Annabelle and Tom are frightened and ask, "What's  that noise? Is it an earthquake?" "Could be." replies Joey breathless, "Pick up your bags. We going back to Kowhai Tree Farm." There was no digging for moa bones on this trip!

Meanwhile, Steve Sunshine hears the rabbit alarm and starts walking to the back of the farm to meet the children.   He asks them, "Who climbed over the big rocks?"  Alana and Joey confess they did. 
Steve Sunshine calls them aside and tells them that the punishment for not obeying him is that they are to report to John Sunshine's  vegetable garden and help him dig the garden  every day this week after school.

John appreciates the help.   Alana and Joey say to each other that the next time they do digging will be for moa bones.



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