Monday, May 31, 2010

SPCA Knitted Puppy Jumpers

In January 2010 Selena received a pamphlet in the mail from Knit World advertising a wool sale.   Also enclosed in the envelope was a knitting pattern supplied by the SPCA for puppy jumpers.   The SPCA want to have 3,000 by April 30th.   Hmm,  thinks Selena.   She rings Pat and asks Pat if she can come to the February Helping Hands meeting and ask the Hitty girls to knit a puppy jumper for  the SPCA.   Pat thinks that's a wonderful idea it will be a challenge for the Hitty girls and invites Selena to be the guest speaker at the February meeting

Selena brings the knitting pattern with her to the February meeting and gives the Hitty girls a copy each. Selena has also brought enough knitting needles and wool for the girls to use.

Most of the Hitty girls can knit so they choose the colour of the wool they want and begin to knit. Selena helps those who can't knit and soon they are all knitting and talking. Woody, the cat, has come into the hall and is delighted to find a ball of wool!


Time has slipped by quickly and it's time to go home.  Selena asks the girls to come back in two weeks time and bring their knitting with them.   Woody has got into a terrible tangle and the wool has to be cut off him.  

Two weeks later when Selena arrives at the hall for the knitting afternoon some of the Hitty girls are there waiting for her.   Selena has brought some cream horns and donuts in a basket for afternoon tea.   Not all the girls have arrived today.    Annabelle and Rachel have gone to help at Ruby's Bird Rescue Centre.   Selena tells the girls that there is going to be a surprise visit at 3pm.

Selena notices how long Ethel's knitting is! Selena asks Ethel if she is following the pattern that she gave her two weeks ago. Ethel turns red and says she couldn't understand the pattern and is making her up own pattern. " Well," Selena explains, "You have made your knitting too long." " Oh, no" replies Ethel, "I don't want to undo it." "Why don't you knit a scarf?" asks Selena. "I will and later I will knit a puppy jumper." answers Ethel Just before 3pm they all hear alot of barking. Selena says, "Sounds like our guests have arrived."

The girls all go outside and see the dogs that starred in HOTEL DOGS. The dogs are just stopping for thirty minutes before they continue to their destination. The dogs and girls are over joyed at meeting each other. The dogs and girls play around and thirty minutes past very quickly. Selena has asked the girls to come back next Saturday afternoon to the hall and bring their finished puppy jumpers with them.

Next Saturday afternoon Selena arrives with Emma, a dalmation and Hayley a dachshund wearing an adult dog jumper that Selena has knitted. The girls hand over five puppy jumpers and  a few scarfs. Selena gives the scarfs back to the girls who handed them in and she delivers the puppy jumpers to the Knit World shop before the 30th April as stated on the advertising pamphlet.